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Mike Shanahan gives Dezmon Briscoe a chance



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Sat, 28 Jul 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Over what Michael. CSN Washington dot com and let's start was Redskins news they continue training camp workouts and Ashburn. The newest player on the field for Washington Desmond Briscoe was claimed by the skins after being waived by the bucks. What's surprising is that Briscoe actually led Tampa Bay touchdown receptions last year. With six so RG three has yet another target to work with after Washington picked up Josh Morgan and here are -- in the off season. Here in DC Briscoe reunited -- head coach in Tampa current skins secondary coach Raheem Morris. He was jacked about a Bengals in 2010 before spending a couple of years of the box. And he is motivate. Retirement you release from the team an hour ago. Start over and prove yourself over and over here I believe -- -- and we are professionals. It was good so. Gotta go into camp expecting you know. Nothing's promised to go out there and give -- Take a look at how many touchdown catch it and last year according did in college and -- Good size and so -- chance to compete to a canoe. And -- definitely Comcast sports net studios I'm Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington dot com CSN Washington dot com.

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