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Fred Davis doesn't want to let his team down again



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Tue, 31 Jul 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

She -- in Washington dot com. One of the question marks at the end of last season for the skins was tied and Fred Davis he was suspended for the final four games last year after violating the league's substance abuse policy. And the offseason the -- but the franchise tag on Davis who was having a career year before his self described it mistake. Chick Hernandez sat down with the tight -- to may have made his biggest reception. Catching a second chance. What happened last year. How does that affect you when when you got suspended do what. And as you did you think. Initially judges you know as a fill -- on their own so again I mean initially -- you know it virginal through the NC was the first game we now playing in. You feel you have your team a lot of different ways the only chance and I think that's right eye opening experience right there and I was in the later that I haven't won so that feeling again. So you know -- situations you learn from and hopefully is more like. I'm just had to -- Nobody ever wants to go through that but you know what learning sometimes it the hard lesson. And so working out for the better. I mean not really amazes on this and been through a period -- going to -- in the in the learned through this on the history and in. Is that you have the chance to be able to. Combatant so much about who -- What did it mean to you -- -- have the team you know put the franchise tag going in basically -- -- we we need you we want you here we believing on the show me you know I've told them that they respect me you know they know hard hours you know I mean -- -- we had nothing to do is. So replied -- you know me as far as. Let's have with a discipline on and off the field rules can't -- you know. That they know that they just wanna make sure that I can. You know do those type thing mission in the and no problems you know no issues in his you are supposed to do be a leader on the team deal which shoulder because the luster daycare. Yeah I definitely do care mean this is one thing about them competitive and I was one of the do better than the year before would mean definitely come off that I definitely have a lot of personal goals. I want to achieve that than the day that some -- and W -- -- before being suspended for the final four weeks of last season Fred Davis was one of the elite tight ends in the NFL. At the top of his suspension 796. Receiving yards -- only. Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham along the tight. CSN Washington dot com.

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