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Nats Lunchbox: Is Jordan Zimmermann the Nationals' best pitcher?



CSN Washington dot com. They're nets fans welcome to national's lunch box another episode with JC is Patrick -- and Dave Nichols. Talking Jordan -- today who has client quietly climbed into the top five of the National League an ERA. Seems like every time he goes I can give you at least six innings probably just one or two runs the most an aberration if he gets up three runs and that's still considered a quality start. But I want to know all their attention is on Strasburg -- they were named all star for Patrick Sorenson and really the best pitcher on the national staff. I think you might be the best three pitchers in the league and I think he's gonna end up being a really important part and maybe that wanted to pitcher going into the post season with the with the nationals that they're gonna actually shut Strasburg down. I think it's a bad situation we know I know it's gonna be happy about shutting Strasburg down but. Having Jordan Zimmermann they're being able to turn their pitchers like him and you can bounce Edwin Jackson when you do Strasburg I think it's part of the plan the nationals had all along to keep themselves competitive if they do this when. If -- due to Strasburg in here. Guys and the other part about about Zimmerman -- here this is his first full season back from the Tommy John surgery. We're seeing that command and control that maybe wasn't as fine -- last year even though he pitched very well last year he just heated -- it quite to fine tune in now we're seeing that return. Which also bodes well for them for a look at Strasburg for the following year. The one thing that the the -- have to consider we Jordan Zimmermann as well as he's pitching -- he's in the dorm which -- in the winters that we can become really expensive which. Complicates all the all the different -- when you're talking about -- going out on the free agent market retaining your own free agents. I think priority number one from Mike was a winner -- giving Jordan -- signs a long term deals that's good for the player but also friendly for the team. What I find really interesting Matt Zimmerman is he's the one pitcher you can. Demonstrably look at he seems to have one in audience even caddies philosophy of pitching and that you don't see the gaudy strikeout numbers that you see you. Was about to turn on whether it's good or not but it it's good so -- Stephens been successful for him you don't see the gaudy strikeout numbers that you see -- -- thousands Strasburg. -- you see him going out there -- going longer every game in the other two starters are gone deeper in games less this season having a lot of success here is the area is the best on a very good. Rotation I've been impressive -- seen from him. Rizzo and I his scouting department were kind of the backers behind draft him towards that moment they didn't. There is supposedly that this agreement that is probably an overdraft where they took them but they said at that point that this is the guy is going to be a number three starter in the future in. However in five years later after they drafted him he's right where -- that is going to be seen over is -- love this kid and everyone in the organization needs to be real hot and him I think it's gonna end up being an important part of their first playoff run if they're gonna make a run here so you mean the middle of Wisconsin is not a hotbed for starting pitchers from education while I can't think of another arm out of Wisconsin Stevens Point that I that I have ever heard of it. They went out there and find them in. The scouting and development department that they have is a big part of the success they're having right now. You know and that that's a good point you know -- is all about. I'm building this team his way with his players Jordan Zimmermann definitely fits that mode and now. You know every time he goes out there. He's he's stronger he -- batters pitching deeper into games. He's he's you know he already knew how to pitch it you know he's learning to do it more economically. He's really become a force for this team like you said earlier you know and that they have to step such prospered down you know still going into the playoff series with -- Gio Gonzales and Jordan Zimmermann and Edwin Jackson it's still pretty strong three -- going into that series. CSN Washington dot com.



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