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Davey Johnson, Edwin Jackson, Adam LaRoche on losing 2nd straight to Philly



CSN Washington dot com. My two teams climb the offense struggling Davey Johnson is never one to get too concerned and fact you said he still likes the way that that's listening in the back. But he did say that he feels the team has been a little flat since his marathon win in Milwaukee. And Dave who's also troubled by the outing of starting pitcher Edwin Jackson is that trouble with TV pitches in the past. I mean I was taught certain thing or Jerry Jones. Sitting in the arm and I just -- first time. -- in his next two. I was looking for. Every player. And -- ready for him of any race clean and constantly facing. I'm David mentioned deep in that you thought you might be tipping your pitches especially the way Rollins was hitting. And it doesn't possibility Brenda Bloomberg -- -- -- -- I mean throws his pitches and ministers is just over the middle and sure I was just came out pro middle for first his first one was Maryland and jumped on. A couple of days and offensively to any kind of felt like Sunday's game really took a lot of -- You did a little thing you know you look at today and grown up pitches ahead and you know and in just for the most part we yeah. Pull some together there early and then. An on mr. clutch pitches and on that first -- -- -- Frustrating day. You know him and into the and they just every time he missed then they ran on par. So that's and try to salvage this series against the reigning five time NL east champs who came into this set trailing Washington by sixteen and a half games. But after averaging almost six runs per game on their recent road trip the next batch have managed just two runs and two losses to the Phillies. And Nationals -- Kelly Johnson and Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.



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