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CSN Washington dot com. I welcome the CSN Washington dot com and beltway baseball presented by The Washington Times JC's mark Zuckerman. It talked to amend in the middle of show about the trade deadline which is organist we're gonna start. I was kind of just general things about. The nationals I was on Tuesday that deadline passed everyone thought the nationals maybe up until that morning and do something in the rumors really quiet it down. The nationals went into that day with the best record -- National League do you think it was just simply a matter if it ain't broke don't fix yet I think. That's part of it I mean there wasn't a real goal glaring need I don't think they felt like on the roster and even if there was a little bit and issues that are addressed. The feeling was hey we got a good thing going on great chemistry and some of them I've seen it before. You go and bring in a big name player he's shaken up in me helped get you over the hump. And it's hurting you because it changed clubhouse nine. These guys like each other they wouldn't wanna see anybody from that group that sent -- Davey Johnson as full confidence in them. So I think this was the case you put them altogether without obvious and glaring need their makers of bell like. Ain't broke don't expect any let the rumors regarding guys like ranking and Dempster. Really were left kind of behind a like a few days before maybe over the weekend with the nationals. But -- what were some smaller minutes to think that they consider in that or that they could have made yeah I mean the two areas that I think it looked at -- and considered were some kind of number catcher. To help out Flores. And made it back up infielder and given this injury and in both cases. The names that were out there just weren't all that appealing -- to talk about Yorvit Torrealba. Was the end aid. Kelly Shoppach. Ramon Hernandez these guys who have some value but the nationals felt light. What it would cost to get them. And the production against those guys wasn't necessarily better -- what are you getting from San -- owner eventually. Johnson Solano now they're taking a chance -- the course is going to be able to hold up. Physically -- season and -- get to September stretch run and in theory October. And you got right back I have received my catcher and floors has shown that -- now wearing down so that isn't a little bit of a concern but. But we also up remember here it's. You get to August you can still make a trade through the waiver. Process and the kind of guys are talking out here are probably still going to be available through that so if in the next couple weeks they realize ways isn't really work remaining and something. I still think they couldn't go that direction. Now you and Amanda on the medalists are gonna get more into the the National League in general the contenders seemed like almost everybody but the nationals made a move. But two teams -- in particular in the division. The Marlins and Phillies Thomas sold off some of their assets. Do you think maybe after the deadline the division this may be slightly less competitive -- it was well it certainly hasn't happened rain is expected to be in and we thought really only. A month two months ago that all five teams could conceivably be in the race down in that there was a point -- roll within two or three games of each other. Clearly that hasn't happened because the Phillies are way out of it. The Marlins are way out of it -- -- -- -- and it's really just the nationals and -- when you're ready doesn't change that dynamic has now. The Phillies. And the Marlins who have waved the white flag given up on the season. They're really playing both the nationals. And Braves down the stretch and we saw last year how well the nationals played with nothing left to play for victory pride. How they played well against the Phillies in some other teams. What kind of motivation will the Phillies and Marlins and Mets cap and happy that apparently raised in the next great so there is definitely domino effect -- you know. -- the national election for the Phillies and Marlins for about a third of the rest their season including the Phillies. Two of their last three series but as we saw recently. The Phillies are are still no joke and especially at the end what if they can play spoiler against the -- yeah and I'm sure given everything that's happened this year and needs changing dynamic and actually used to be lasting wanna face -- -- maybe there's nothing the Phillies might like more at that point. And Dillon -- a huge blow importantly down the road this point. And maybe it won't even matter maybe they'll lots -- up -- but if it comes that. It pretty. You know we'll see we'll see what happens -- speaking going back accidents the trade talk the nationals decided not to get a starting pitcher that's what a lot of people thought they're going to get. It all all all Stephen Strasburg who we -- got show the other night he's. Kind of I had some Rocky us outings lately Bryce Harper's kind of struggled to talk about the two of them kind of slumping yet let's start with straws. Burgundy and what you're seeing right now is very classic case of guys coming back from Tommy John surgery and he's always been two years. And yes it has witnessed his first full season back. In I can't tell a number of guys ever talk about this move on -- -- that surgery. This is the first year back there are days when everything feels great perk and everything and there are days it is just not there. And frustrating and the inconsistency of Jordan Yzerman talked about this last year. Sexy things happen and we've seen the Strasburg. As -- -- of the season anywhere in -- start to build -- not that the arm doesn't feel good. It feels fine and that precision. Right isn't always there and he's such a perfectionist and when things start to build them a little bit as a part I think dealing with sometimes you saw that philly's game. Since -- -- -- -- to great starts and two not starts at all. And I think if you ever needed evidence for why an -- and do what they're gonna do this is it you're seeing right now and -- and -- the exact same thing last year look at his numbers. First half of the season. For second half of the season and -- said this year that it feels a lot stronger exactly and and at the time you don't realize it and I guess it doesn't hurt him like you. With a year of hindsight on. And a year -- behind you can say wow yeah I really wasn't a 100%. -- he noticed the difference in your Q Strasburg is going to be fantastic. Yeah. Because of all of -- but I think you're seeing now as we're getting closer to the finish line for him exactly why the nationals going to do what to do. Now what Jordan Zimmermann is there any sort of women this year at all is is it is at 200 innings as it. Are there and they may be in I know where he's gonna skip a day coming up that's because of a specific reason. But it's -- it that's that next year for Strasburg is he just. Well normally it's it's a fair question you know general ideas they always say with these young guys they don't like to go more than about 25 to 30% more innings than any game in the past some Jordan for a 161. Last year in theory shouldn't be going much more than 200. Not only that the regular season that's about Roland. They don't have playoffs and you know. 3040 innings and the they're -- to you know watch this closely. Doping -- September Disney puts him. 78 innings that he can keep them back you've seen him with Jordan in particular this year not let them go much Morton's six sometimes seven. Beyond that I think understanding. Of when he gets to the end. We want pictures everything that we don't want to push him too far and risk. And they're so worried about young pitchers going so much power beyond what they had done that -- now Bryce Harper earlier and distance again that. He I think what we're seeing right now as a nineteen year that is. Going through his first real prolonged slump and make your system going on about a month and to fourteen with two homers in that span against frustrated because he's never felt like. Time but after -- he's nineteen years old pictures start picked up things about him it's gotta just do numbers do the physical and mental grind. Playing in the big leagues -- its not something he's never experienced it's not something you can see it until you're here on -- you're thrown into penetration and play an important role. On this team so it -- he's going to be fine. In the grand scheme of things numbers are still going to be. Very good compared to other night -- apparently majors we got spoiled. Saw there -- for two months is about the time last year we kind of started slipping up to Harrisburg and wasn't as good as it was. I think some that was also him sensing he's getting closer into the big leagues then and maybe your focus start -- and obviously there's not that anymore. From that worry about I think physically get beat up a little bit incentive package you ankle issue. And like I said -- count on every day performance -- maybe pressing -- but. Prints and things especially when they get one back -- act as back. It was -- he stays healthy and it takes pressure off are allowed just go do your thing you know again here. Okay well mark is about to be joined by minute talk a little bit more about the trade -- trade deadline specifically whether the nationals not making -- Is gonna affect them in the pennant race and in October. Right back at Nationals Park and joined now by him and it Womack from The Washington Times and chase ever talk about the trade deadline but I'm curious your perspective on this and. The nationals not do. That mind you understand where they're coming from in that regard. Do I mean you look at what was available -- I think he had a pretty high. For what me you know. Need an out. And now this thing down they could use starting pitcher they could use to -- up violence in the back up catcher. You know unexpectedly -- going with -- we had prospect price. On the nationals are also taking a pretty long term approach to all their moves especially starting pitcher. There are looking for it got its 23 years of control left. Those guys were coming at an even higher at nationals are pretty protected their top prospects so I'm not -- that shocked to see -- not do anything because I know that type of negotiating that they generally. Yeah and I think what we're talking about here is any moves that would have made would have been done to. Kind of address any injury issues they have or or as insurance if something happens. They're kind of banking on the fact. That everything is gonna stay as it is or not get better with guys back from India but. -- same token in particular talk about the pitching staff. They can get through -- Strasburg shut -- but I think one more guys were to get hurt there are a little bit and you have problem there. Aren't there yet and then then I think it would be a little bit of an issue for them on because. You know they have one or two guys filling in for that fifth spot for the reports are that they make in September. But I I do think that he had. The issue of if someone else gets hurt and you know we do know that now that environment is dealing with a little bit of children -- -- -- And that's not to say that he is going to be you know hurt for -- -- -- -- -- like that nationals seem to think he's going to be absolutely fine. I'm having a little bit of trouble warming up. In the bullpen his first ten throws accidentally that it was long tossing his first and Rose. On -- a little bit of an issue getting loose and then after that he's great and he was phenomenal Milwaukee on the results have not shown any issue. Redick and you know it isn't a -- gamble that they they took by not making a move -- -- or some of their depth is that everyone is going to remain. You know operating. Yet so there open for the best here at this point now the national -- doing -- the trade deadline but everybody else and actually all the contenders. Made some kind of significant move in the last week. Giants and Dodgers picking up. Phillies outfielders and more the Braves going out getting Paul Maholm Reed Johnson. Reds adding bullpen help the Pirates at a different players. Now this may not directly affect the nationals where they stand now because they've been out front all along but number one could this affect the pennant race as we move forward. And number two should actually be concern based on how much he's he's made improve my time we get tough to. I absolutely I mean I think you're going into the -- you're facing the Dodgers right now and you look at that lineup that's the pretty good -- I mean hey how much is right for them as well for all these other teams you know they they. Hope -- him. They don't haven't necessarily improve because you never know the -- the pitcher you get -- The Latin Gibson and all that but I definitely think that these moves back nationals indirectly. If only because they're gonna be playing -- that the nationals. You know are competing directly against. That's thinking upbeat pieces are going to be playing against you know the Braves a lot as a specifically with the Phillies -- the Marlins. You know they're gonna be feeling -- -- a lot of nationals are thinking oh great you know that the in the mountain a little weaker grip using -- same thing. So it definitely. Definitely impact them indirectly and as you said I think when you get to October you know the teams that bolstered themselves -- going to be -- them as well. I mean one reason obviously the nationals didn't feel the need to go do much of anything was that they feel like they had a couple guys coming back. Injuries Chad Tracy's been activated hoping it in this act. It's September and we're probably now a couple of days away from Jayson Werth turning after the broken wrist. As much as well as they played without him it's going to be significant addition to this lineup today. I actually be huge and and you know it. People and -- -- because of obviously last season was. -- well below expectations that -- having pretty good year when he got hurt this year and and this is another big bat in the lineup. That opposing pitchers have to plan for they have to pitch around -- have to work -- And it's temples or other areas of the heat and just having worth backing of the players really. Gravitate toward him and I think he's -- presence on that and have been too you know during home games but. Not the same when you're not out there battling so I think it's gonna be a big addition. Commented especially you know frees up some other guys to be insurance elsewhere you know like Mark DeRosa and you know Tyler Moore and guys like that. Right that you where's that I point to particular that I think his return makes a big difference -- not -- what you would think number one outfield defense. Having him back he's given me their best defensive outfielder. Whether it's center field -- harper break weren't right so I have a -- also moves more to left field. Which is a little less demanding -- right field for him. And second area and you kind of alluded to this is the domino effect. Now you can have went to everybody that isn't used as to number goes he's on the bench -- more hours on the bench for Venus on the bench. That bench that day he wanted all along looks a little more like what you were expecting and that's gives him more options late games and I think that in turn it helps them when. The game I mean inning starter back makes everything -- makes everything a little bit. You know Marcie here because the -- you have feeling and acting as starters now complain these sort of supplemental role at pac ten or so. In Vegas and I think in and you know he's taking his time with it he's trying to make sure and I think that it you know when he first ABP that does. I don't want to come back I want to make an impact. So he's definitely trying to get to the point where he gets into the line and if it. It's in sports -- lot of stuff. Get ready to happen here kind of hidden crunch time now yeah a lot of fun covered college -- evening yeah I didn't -- you're not this you're not at all. Thank you Amanda for joining us chase we'll re join me in a moment as we answers reader questions. Are back here Nationals Park was a reader questions. From our -- insider readers. The first was from nets fan one name who wants to know the kind of fall out of the trade deadline is where the nationals that maybe still. Acquire one of these lower level players that could still make an impact for them. What's -- about the way waiver trades how was the order for waiver trades determined. Do you think the national might try to make one of these deals in the next month yet here's a quick rundown how the process. Works even though July 31 is considered a trade deadline it's really. Not the last time you can make it very straight through the end of the season. You can still treat the players as long as they first passed through waivers meaning -- the team and they wanted to clean them. And then it passed through that and you constantly deal. So how does that waiver process worked dictate the records. All the teams current records at that moment when placed on waivers starting your only so in national's case. It's and actually players placed on waivers in the worst team and actually get the first crack at them. All the and a team's worst to first and only -- team's worst first. -- after all that he clears through now. Rigid thinking of pulling back and you're -- to do it again or you can now consummate trades. Do I think the Mets can do that yeah I think there's a possibility that we talked about catcher. Earlier maybe middle infield if it looked like Desmond wasn't going to be back. The sooners but. And or something happening Espinoza goes in the companies some depth there. I think those that can't happen generally don't get a big -- players in August but there's been some guys. Picked up over the years at best agencies that had a huge impact Cody Ross with the Giants won it but he was it waiver claim in August the -- Yes and Cody Ross. The pressure them ran nationals the nationals team they're built on pitching the Giants were built on pitching you get a guy who can spark your offense like that -- -- know. Second question is from TE coast and wants to know about -- on. What is his status could he start and one of the doubleheader games coming out problem though is not gonna start the double. Pattern that's going to be John Lannan along with you Gonzales. And Chen Ming will be starting Thursday before. At Harrisburg with his time is running out he's been on his rehab assignment for I think at least three weeks now you're only allowed. Thirty total days as pictured or something has to happen. At this point I got to be honest I just don't see the next patterns based on their active roster to bring him back. No word. Really the ability to use up a spot. Someone like he's not in either -- -- mean they're not about -- -- the early -- it struggles in relief. Yeah he doesn't hit well in the area so many familiar as it is and the guys down there. I think -- if he is truly healthy at the end of August and see what they do -- Xavier Nady it's. Cut ties designated for assignment it's unfortunate. After three years they've invested in this guy -- a couple of really good start to -- you -- mean is that really easily act. Doesn't look like it's happening now not to say they couldn't find some way to do this and if he's still not come. Completely healthy they could keep him on the DL and rehab assignment and delays until say September but we're talking about a pennant race now and hasn't. Keep saying more more the further you get this season. The lefty can afford to ease up honestly -- -- spots -- guys can't really count on to be key situations. It's what they're just too good that's what I mean yeah exactly it is not about that treats -- does that exactly it's not a knock on him it in ways like what happens -- on Hernandez you know offseason much -- reluctant. As much as he could still help the team. They got too good for that too much good -- You can afford during the season kind of instant action figure out who's best well. We're in August and is pretty clear with a this guys are -- in the sixth one and it -- him if he can't fit in the best that may as well doesn't happens it's. And long should get a job. They're the -- from 219 KD. Says what are the rules and deadlines for setting playoff rosters and how little effect. Roster decisions that September yeah let's look ahead here we're assuming some things that what I did send out emails about -- as -- stated that -- sent out today -- -- by 2013 season -- here on the -- for a -- well. So and it's appropriate start talking now and we are in August. And August 30. First -- is the key here. Anybody who is going to be eligible for post season roster. To be in your organization. On August -- but that doesn't have to be in the big leagues on the 25 man roster and doesn't mean you have to sit. Playoff roster that just means you need to be in the organization. And that's done to prevent teams from say. On September 20 right to end the season saying hey here's not a team that's totally out of it might just trade as -- -- guys for a bucket of balls. And you know pull out happy for the playoffs night in Atlanta it and that's not the right -- -- So that's where these waiver claims kind of -- but even if the guy is called up the big leagues until September bonds is your organization. He's available so the way it works is if they get there. That day of game one of their playoff series you anticipate your 25 man roster if -- anybody off that forty man it's -- an organization. And that he set their roster now it's for that whole series. If somebody gets hurt days during the series you can make a change otherwise it's got to put. Closers if you are fortunate to advance into the next round picks due process all over again and start and another point five man roster so that's the way it works. What little time it happens potentially. But I know -- question populate certain wander around here is not something I never had to worry about people. Right before before we just sign off well 11 quick thing about September call ups gonna come up anyone you excited to see up here. You know again it's kind of different situation -- we think he's still a lot of times -- a nice prospect like you know look at what they're pretty much up here at this point I think. In this situation very well could be interest is the kind of players you can bring in that could be really helpful down the stretch and talk about guys you can just pinch run. You're Perez -- Perez is a name to keep in mind. He wouldn't -- start but what's he had started on the forty man roster that Syracuse. Great got to bring up it's extra mean just happen in a big pinch running situation foreground and -- in that spot. After Houston back down you know pitching wise they can add some relievers maybe. Helped get you through all this but they are pretty much that in a lot of ways and the kind of moves that you're talking about now are really very specific. Little things in the game but they come up huge inning -- ever talks about Dave Roberts into the idea for the Red Sox won that one stolen base in view. Something consider that sometimes you get to that point in the season and in the playoffs. It's worth it used one of those 25 spots and that's purely for. Was there and have a is definitely different this year but last year Rizzo was able to showcase a few guys in turn handed -- also. We'll see if you can try to make that magic happening in this year. It's only. The beginning of August but we're getting emails about playoff tickets were talking about playoff rosters. Let's cross our fingers up that and -- next two months there isn't -- claps like maybe the Braves or Red Sox did last year. Let up throughout throughout it will not be here on beltway baseball. That's insider CSN Washington dot com. Thanks watches. CSN Washington dot com.



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