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Former Olympian Dominique Dawes on Gabby Douglas' gold medal performance



CSN Washington dot com. Well the countries still buzzing today over Virginia Beach native -- Douglas America's sweetheart of the London games. It became the first African American Jim is to win Olympic gold in the all around competition. And they're to see it all first Sam is silver springs very own dominate -- who joins us now on the phone and dominate. You said down -- before the game she told -- she wanted to make history so what was it like -- see your deliver and wind gold. I can't have an -- of doing a -- at -- for pot. We're dot com last year and she would hit a little firecracker a little ball of energy and her eyes forget. Who had to wait shining bright wanting to make it TD that was big gains since she did it the history and then obviously the idea that final ago and -- mean it's looking that she got a walk away with some more hardware. Summoning does in London right now now donning -- gab is often been compared to -- issue of course was too young to see you win your gold. And ninety -- that because you her idol and role model what is an experience been like getting to -- -- and watch her on the world stage. Well I think needing to know that the one. Early adult industry zero years old at the point what I want my ankle that -- obvious but it truly touching and it was an honor to be in the arena to watch this one making history had been on the other. I I had the privilege of making history sixteen years ago. What is it back at how we know control. Difficult I was sitting in the. Action I. It was definitely hard on it on and jumped out there and get out there and perform. I knew daddy that was -- -- a great deal better than I ever would be the eighth and she represented our country so well -- equal calming collecting I. To -- -- -- to come back to your teammates are supporting her act and actually being at that podium he stayed focused. Of course we didn't even get to see during Weaver compete in all around but she did helping US women went gold in the team competition. How special is this year's team. It's very special I was calling them the I've heard they didn't like I heard they wanna be called the pierce fives -- columnist -- -- these girls are amazing each and every one of them need it. Well for them to and on top of that podium even though -- Maroney it only competing on the bolts on the one ball each. Competition she's been -- as important as happy that goes in depth is important to reliever. Each and every one of these girl I was ILE right and it well and kind of -- Pollard each component is -- off either of them need to be it did happen together and I love the fact. All of these girls seem like theirs and they seem like they get a lot of -- seemed like. You want to support one another just you've just seen them either around. On Andy and cry when they won gold what is special feeling and it took me back into the magnificent seventeen I was blessed to be a part of. One other individual competitions or next we appreciate that time and enjoy the rest of the game. We're thinking so much I appreciate that. CSN Washington dot com.



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