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Mark Zuckerman on the Nats' trade for Kurt Suzuki



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Fri, 3 Aug 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. The nationals acquired Kurt Suzuki not only for this year's pennant race but also for potential one next year. He's signed through 2013. And that was a key makers are said to making this move they were just gonna pick up a rental player. They want somebody who could help them as a starting catcher this year with Wilson Ramos out and then could perhaps even compete with Ramos next year in spring training for a job. They don't know for sure how Ramos is gonna come back from ACL surgery all the signs are good and he should be 100% by spring training. But just in case they don't have a veteran guy with a track record and somebody who handles pitching staffs well who's going to be here now taking over the number one job the rest of the season. And we'll certainly be there if nothing else to help out Ramos as he makes his comeback in 2013. Well entering today the snaps and been one of the easiest teams to steal on or not just 15% of stolen base attempts second worst in the majors. And while a lot of the blame falls on the pitcher's defense is a strength or Suzuki who's gunning runners down -- over two and a half times the rates than NASA have. This year. CSN Washington dot com.

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