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Fantasy Island with Gene Wang: Where to draft Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, & Andre Johnson



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Fri, 3 Aug 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Time to take a little trip to Fantasy Island and that Jin -- of the Washington Post joins us that our agent has a lot of players. That are coming back from injuries that we might wanna know where should we take -- fancy drafts or should we kind of avoid them was starting with the quarterbacks and of course none of them. Peyton Manning got four times surgically repaired neck. Is he worth picking -- up -- as well wait. And that that's a no no question and we know that in the biggest story or an NFL so and one of them is Peyton Manning but the biggest story fantasy fantasy owners as where to draft Peyton Manning. If you can get them understandably we're talking twelve teams are passing touchdowns are worth four points and you can get him in the sixth round that's about right. Anywhere before that is that there are the risk may be too big big for the reward after you get him beyond the sixth round maybe in the seventh. To me that's a steal. I'm an album by iron Peyton Manning I don't think that John Elway and the front was repaid as much as they did. Surrounded him with all these talented players if they don't think he's going to be ready to go now easy to be the -- -- man that's won all those MVPs Indianapolis probably not but he's still worth. -- a sixth round pick RBI and and to be your number one starter in fantasy. There's been nineteen months since he's taken a hard -- so we'll see how he holds up pretty soon how about running back. Lot of guys last year take a good beating coming into the season. He had that it's going to be a really interesting draft to see where guys like Adrian Peterson DeMarco Murray Jamaal Charles all of these guys come off injuries ago. Agent Peterson's one of the more intriguing guys who missed four games last year after -- was a sail out. But this guy's a freak of nature to stop of a physical anomaly. He's the one running back I would be comfortable taking late in the first round as he normally would go actually normally you don't -- the first round. But he's such a physical specimen that I think he's going to be able or cub management still be. I didn't RB one on your team Jamaal Charles got hurt in week two which is good because it all this time to rehab. He's probably gonna go late in the first round but he couldn't wait any slips to the second round he's gonna be a steal. DeMarco Murray a big big question mark because has backed up Felix Jones also is an injury prone. I'd wait -- DeMarco Murray if he can get him in the fifth round maybe forefront or fifth round and that's a good bargains. And how about wide receiver you talk about the Houston Texans Andre Johnson missed nine games last season are already out with a groin injury now. What about the -- receiver spot. Andre Johnson is is of particular situation he had played three straight seasons and missed a game now is it out a bunch of games last season but when he's on. Only receiver bettors Calvin Johnson but he's thirty years old he's had hamstring injuries now is another groin injury. He's a guy to wait too if you can get him in the third round he may be over drafted because of his name everyone wants a great wide receiver if you can get Calvin Johnson. Andre Johnson's the second best -- guess at what -- But I'd wait to the third round to get them anything more than that in the risk is too great. He can definitely be dangers -- how they -- thank -- very messaging Wong for all the insights into fantasy football practices Fantasy Island. She -- in Washington dot com.

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