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Owner Mark Ein on what's next for undefeated Kastles



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Sun, 5 Aug 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

-- in Washington dot com. Joining me now is the owner of the undefeated Washington -- we have to make sure we get the undefeated in their mark -- is absolutely amazing second straight season regular season. With out a loss could you have imagined I know after the first your -- that appeared as a possible. Never I mean every you know after last year we came back this year and everyone said us. You know you gonna do this again and we thought there's no possible way that I never happened in history before. Last season and coming this year we just want to be competitive and compete for a championship and we start getting into the matches and the team Rose to the occasion and and history happen again incredible and what this Summer Olympics the playoffs are a little bit on hold until September so now you have to kind of sit back. Yeah with the undefeated regular season and hold your breath for like an entire another month before you can get into the playoffs how hard is that. It is a little hard I mean a get a little bit of a -- OK I you know just to give everyone a chance to sort of day you know calmed down a little bit and stop and to build excitement -- a lot of fans are gonna come down. To Charleston which is great to get some time -- planned the trip but definitely the anticipation. Is building and and answers we get closer again even greater. You have Venus and Serena Williams of both members of the Washington castles and have big roles. On how this team success has gone and here they're playing in the Olympics he just how little bit about the excitement of just having them. A part of your team. Yes we love having them part of our team naming both what they -- stand for as individuals what they've accomplished and you know coming from the streets of Compton to the heights of professional sports. They're great role models for people in our communities that we love that. And it has been great team members they love the team Venus has been texting the team members through the last match from London. That's great but then you know 21 of our thirty matches during the thirty match winning streak came when they weren't around -- you know at some level. Really the streak was about the core players or their day in and day out just putting out. You know their best every single game every single point every single match. One of those core players being Bobby Reynolds have not only won rookie of the year last season but now he once in DP. If this guy obviously very pivotal to the team. -- bodies amazing he's our closer he's a great team player. You know he is a guy you can always count on ended the and one. Leander and in a station went off to the Olympics he really took -- it. Took a step up and even became a leader on the team sort of on the practice court and on the bench. And you know -- that continuity. With the new players abroad and that was really critical for us. And then also the coach Murphy Jensen is such a unique guy I don't know how many different words we could use to describe -- been on his second straight year. Of winning coach of the year he's really kind of raise the bar DC. Yeah America is and it does an amazing job -- he really isn't some -- the glue that holds it together and when you have a streak like this so much has to go right so much has to come together. And you know it's an intense schedule that travels really tough to match after match you all kinds of different personalities that are living on you know together. And and Murphy has an amazing way of kind of bringing them together and then getting the most out of them on the court so he deserves a lot of credit for our success I know what I was talking until he said yeah you're you're dealing with these world class athletes -- so much about coaching them. It's about managing them but the way that he's also able to get like the fans involved and everybody out there it seems like his role goes beyond just. Managing and coaching as players for sure and when people ask me about how -- come together considering you went thirty straight matches it's always really about. The hole is so much better than the sum of the parts you know it's the players it's the coach it's the fans who really inspire our team to do amazing things. -- the staff and the office and it creates I think it's create a culture where. This amazing stuff can happen just because the players go out there and they want to do the best because they see how much everyone has invested. In them and they get inspired by it whether it's you know. Leander body -- stage or Venus Williams Al get inspired by sort of what the community in Washington has done to support them. You guys haven't really been around as a sign that young so -- relatively a young team but so quickly. A lot of six -- And it had a really does seem like DC has really embraced not behind you guys and that's so rewarding you know we packed the house every night in the last night. And we in not just have Venus -- it would have been stationed Leander weren't even here. And it was a completes we were packing people in the -- make him that cheered for the team and yeah we always stop we would make it one fans command cheer for the name on the front of the Jersey not on the back and I think that's where we are and that task is sort of the pinnacle of success and and we're really excited to give these results and give back to our fans our community. I was fortunate to catch a match when Venus was out there and there's really a lot of fanfare that goes on -- just making it capsule it really cool experience. For anybody that does go out you really do feel a part of it. But where do you go when you go from here. You know that's sabathia. Yeah outlive it I don't know is competitively I mean you know so thirty matches is the second longest winning streak in pro sports history on site has hit a couple things we want to win the next two matches. Conference championship and the championships that would bring us our. Third title in four years that's goal number one for sure. And if we're lucky enough to have that happen we -- next season one match away from tying the Lakers all time streak into from beating -- I guess. If that happens we'll think about that Denver right now our focus on September bring a championship that price that would be a third big trophy. Where do you collect dolls and stuff that. -- and I actually put them where where I can see when I wake up every morning because that's how because -- you know it just so many people have done so much to make this possible that it's a great way to start every game look at it be reminded of something that really specialists and created. Well as an absolutely amazing defeat not just go to regular season's undefeated but of course. Undefeated entirely last yourself thirty straight matches and undefeated of course now we have to unfortunately wait another month before we can. Get to the championship but good luck thank you for your time banks I hope we come back and tell you it's thirty -- yes and yes I'll get to us and thanks. Csnwashington.com.