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CSN Washington dot com. This season guy -- what's essential update. Everybody Jill Sorenson with your -- of sports net central update let's have the Redskins park where Robert Griffin the third. Is gearing up for his first pre season game. But RG three could be without three fifths of his starting offensive line. When Redskins by the bills Thursday in the pre season opener right guard Chris Chester sprained his ankle practiced on Monday. To go along with Jamal brown and Corey looks -- it licked and tiger are already banged up. And let me remind you what happened the last time Washington played Buffalo. The bills sacked John -- ten times Marcel Darius was responsible for two and a half of those -- setbacks. And Robert Griffin the third is well aware of the past. To be on the side if I don't get in the pre season I'd be very OK with. Phone minutes or more you play these hits are gonna I'm gonna hurt sometimes Gaza go on -- He's got to be ready for that some are -- The only game. We don't understand how Marcel there's this is ours because we can tell us that's not gonna come from a mile so. Com and I'll look forward to going out there a point if I didn't I didn't have -- don't. -- -- -- the NASDAQ added some infield insurance claiming -- our -- us off waivers the team also placed Mark DeRosa on the DL. With a groin strain Izturis is sitting to 35 this season but adds great depth. Defensively. Now Izturis was not a lineup as the -- took on the Astros in the first game of a four game set in Houston. It went into extra innings and then the eleventh Roger Bernadine -- big game winning run scoring from first base. Off a Kurt Suzuki bunt and an error by the Astros that's have a three game lead over the Braves in the NL east. And that other from here in the Comcast sports net studios I'm Jill Sorenson. For CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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