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Csnwashington.com. So the youth movement to the mid Atlantic has spilled over to Baltimore as well. Formal for former Orioles GM Andy MacPhail said once you have to grow pitching and by heading. -- top hitting prospect payment shadow is proving him wrong. Making a lot of first impression with -- or else -- together with Bryce Harper these two young prospects are changing the face. A local baseball. This attention and Vieira big things were expected from Bryce Harper this season and -- phenom certainly have not disappointed. Seeing as I wanna get to the big -- and our make an impact like bird magic -- magic number. And -- answer yes and residents aren't question. But at the same time the Orioles had a young star on their own. One that wasn't expected to be in Sun City so soon back just go up and have fun and this big game but loved some I loved them. I think it's future's extremely bright you just can do so many things on the field. Anything that Major League debut is going to be like. -- -- -- -- -- -- Manny would get his wish this past week. And much sooner than anyone anticipated. -- -- in the top half but then you know I'm just -- -- -- -- third baseman a regular third baseman with pop. Two home runs in just his second Major League -- for the baseball world on notice I was very enough to him about that my whole life you know about. Sort of thing that occurred on you know second game that he is -- that it you know so it's great -- those nights that your feeling. Really. Connor and looking to -- to watch. Harper has remained a presence in the nationals lineup despite his recent struggles at a coaching pitchers now have no choice but to take notice of Machado. Getting local baseball fans hope for the foreseeable future. CSN Washington dot com.



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