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Wed, 15 Aug 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. RG three had quite a debut on Thursday vs the bills that -- it. Andrew Luck guys at this point counterpoint on Jennifer Williams alongside Rick Stanley and -- help us here guys. RG three verses Locke who had the bigger debut.

Well if you look at the numbers. Andrew -- did. -- for a 160 yards. Played for about twice as many stats when he incidental Tug went four point four -- at the TD on the first drive right yeah but that was a pass through line -- scrimmage. Do we that the run that caught on an opening against him defense is arguably worse than bills. I mean it's you know it's a -- a football player commitment Castro here and it's just like him thinking you know as -- easiest touchdowns.

around my wife. 203 yards here and what a good job McDonald line and tight ends Roger as a receiver and their blocking down field so. It's nice to put points on the board first point.

Certainly an impressive. That's number I. Impressive night by RG three -- I think. You know really -- I think there these indicated and early indications are they're great start.

I completely agree with everything richt said the one thing I'm curious about though is. I think in the pre season -- can be very difficult for Redskins fans to truly get since for what RG -- is gonna look like in the regular season because. If you watch practices you read what people are saying. Eyes out there he's probably gonna from the ball a whole lot to me and you're not gonna risk that in the pre season and especially -- A banged up offensive line so I think. RG three has a lot to build on after Thursday's game I thought. You know the first two series were worth three and outs. But does the third one was was very solid and he directed a seventy yard touchdown play again like Andrew Luck I mean the the running was done by -- guard sorry but you know I mean he went -- repressions and he made that pass and it turned into a touchdown so he's got a lot to build.

The experience in this in the Buffalo game -- kind of reassured. Myself reassured everybody else. You know why they brought me here and assured me that this is -- This of the game the -- love and love to play.

So if you trust your preparation. Not that you can't be stopped but if you just your preparation you'll feel confident when you go on film and we definitely felt confident out there.

Not for Ramon and operator or anything. Like. Indianapolis. At pedestals and hustled. Us. I didn't watch the whole mormons you know. Against the Rams in team defense first team defense awful. And he -- One of the places they call with the tackle eligible pass and Indians attacking -- and not all bad track on. On him -- pre season game unless you're trying to put it you know and when you won thirty I yelled yeah absolutely and it. Kind of put a little bit of -- there. And build some encouragement for it kind of it's not like it and then he. Sees things so I think in my. Again he was he was our quarterback out there are these days well.

Do you think that let's put it in context. Luck obviously has a lot less to work and terms of the type that team his supporting cast. In that context. You know to play devil's advocate would you say luck held as --

I'm I'm -- I think we've -- elders -- you know he's still got Reggie winning out there he's a guy you know he still has marketplace.

For the reds in superior. You know. Yes so on but again I think there were I think on the other hand I think they've pulled out a little bit more of their playbook. And the Redskins did grip and maybe -- threat to these -- this is a real long neck.

Ten years we compare these guys and a single entity and an edge it's gonna happen it's like doubts about Sidney Crosby. When wind generational talents enter a pro league. In the same year -- inevitably getting beat compared to each other for ever. The the question is. You know. At some point I mean there's such different players that.

Several types of yeah it's a -- you actually -- and players agree great comparison it let's talk about. RG three hype point eight statistically you know you see that TD but again -- on that most of the work there. What would you what moment you know forget the TD what moment did you see yourself. I am this kid can -- about this kid can handle playing in the pros you know.

It's like I didn't we didn't learn about this until after the game because it's impossible tell what's going on in the huddle. But when I was talking to Evan Roy -- after the game Thursday he said he was very impressed by. Eighties audible that RG -- call at the line of scrimmage he said he when when the play calls me in the huddle. -- thing and a result our man that's the wrong play we should do something else here. And when he got -- scrimmage was pleasantly to for surprised to see that RG three. Read the defense recognized that it was the wrong play call. And then of course called every rosters number but went from a naked boot a bootleg. And hand the ball to rest on the roster or two yards on it to sustain that that scoring drive so I mean that's that's something you really wanna Seattle rookie quarterback field of -- defense. And then have the confidence. And odds it took to make a change.

And there's another place and we really learned it -- the game. But it was his we were first completion to touchdown. Here on. He said he read through all three of his aggressions. Or rolling cigars on I mean the Redskins have an experienced quarterback Peyton came. Who you know you know. Let -- lie and missed them but -- a lot of guys here. We just follow receiver all across the field he's not open you know built exactly they'll -- stood back there. In my wants India -- boom boom boom and then threw it. They're anchors so. You know again that's that's maturity. Again just scored just --

I and I think Chris police -- to -- off rich summed it up perfectly this morning when he said. They're only two players he seemed to come through these doors who never forced second acted or look like a rookie. He's -- Sean Taylor and RG three.

Well that's and that's a pretty powerful statement it's in good company we talked high points let's talk WellPoint. Where does this -- need to improve.

Well we don't we won't really know know what we're gonna see many plays half against Chicago is OK he had that good drive had those couple passes. Deep passes anchors and we're really -- chunks. Drive. Okay the Bears are gonna go and they're gonna take away that many say okay did great and take this and your personal way what do you do next. And that's that's what we you know we have seen as well you know that's an NC. You know maybe struggle maybe low point and an interception. Something like that when you can just that play you know just playing fourteen plays -- time to do that. Probably get there maybe thirty some odd plays against the Bears so I think -- and really you know he'll get tested them in the national board.

What that I'm curious to see is how he's gonna react when the pressures actually -- mean -- the physical pressure like -- defensive -- chasing him around in the pocket I mean I wanna say. Their peace effort. I.

he's joked quite often heated. It taker that. But you know in Buffalo I would say he only heard one time and you know he deftly sidestepped the rusher. But at the same time we know he he joked earlier today that he has been tackled since the since Baylor bowl game last December. So you know act Jennifer don't -- it yet so much my question is is how is he gonna react. Win the blitz schemes become more complicated I don't think solved a lot of blitzing. Thursday in Buffalo. I am willing to bet that you know now that Chicago had some film to review album. They might test the -- a few times I don't see how he reacts CSN Washington dot com.

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