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Wed, 15 Aug 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Welcome Richard -- Daley presented by -- -- Michael -- I'm Jill Sorenson coming up we'll get inside scoop with our Redskins insider tar heel this year but we start with another guy who has been covering training camp for us. And that is our -- Carlin who joins us now from Redskins park. And Robert talked plenty about RG three but what about the guys to be targeting this season. Jenks is no secret that the NFL's become a passing league over the last few years the rules practically predicate that they limit. Hits on quarterbacks contact with receivers downfield look at the last few Super Bowl champions Peyton and Eli Manning. Brady Brees Rodgers Roethlisberger. You need a -- quarterbacks to win in this league these days plus. Rookies are coming out of college more prepared than ever to make an impact immediately. The Redskins are obviously hoping Robert Griffin the third does the same. But he's gonna need a lot of help from a talented but untested crew of receivers. Other than Pierre are Sony Santana Moss the Redskins have a bunch of young wide outs with talent. Not -- your resume some spots are wide open. Conversation is great you know I love the competition part because gunmaker budget that is you know when I was growing up -- go Suns feel like you've got to make a big plays he made. Joshua Morgan is the most proven commodity with three full seasons in the NFL and his numbers have gone up every year after breaking his ankle missing most of last season. DC native knows he still has a lot to prove. So very big beautiful media not only mentally but like you fit physically you know could. I still got the medal in my quest to pass him with screws -- -- play in my foot so you know last let's take some getting used to. Big things are expected of Leonard -- percent third round pick last you're still recovering from hip surgery but he's not afraid of pressure. His dad was shot and killed before he was ever born he became a dad himself at sixteen. Now he's got two kids in the third on the way so he's playing for much more than just a starting job. They have got a whole lot because I hear I felt like -- -- -- don't wanna give him a bit like that a part man I wanna give him some that in half. And I mean it's it's fun it's fun had kid at a young age because have ideal that they deal that it does Kobe is behind me and he's -- -- be -- Anthony Armstrong's path to the Redskins was unique but DQ school a couple of indoor leagues but the job selling jewelry in a mall on the side. So fighting to prove he belongs is just part of life. There's always doubters out there there's less who wouldn't bet on you make the team. There's folks that feel like you know from going from 2010 season to 2011 phone off like it like I did that. I won't be able to have a spot on the team that. I've never been a shadow of competition -- -- -- Harden but took a long trip to get a -- -- there's no reason why shouldn't feel like make the team. At this point that's all that matters young or old the goal is a spot on the 53 man roster do you feel there's a big opportunity got a big break out here. Big breaker here. Don't go to far when it comes is from right now as a tournament team needs. Interjected so funny we pay so much attention to who's gonna start who's gonna produce who's getting in the end zone for training camp is so much about guys. Literally fighting for a paycheck I talked with third year pro Terrence Austin I -- that that brings a lot of pressure of the situation. He just kind of -- the -- now competition. It's all part of the game for Jenks someone is gonna be cut from this team a couple players because there's a lot of players looking for a few jobs. Yeah with all he's been through it or hate person seems like a very mature guy beyond his years do you get that impression. Yeah absolutely he's just when he three years old he's a month away from having his third child he became a -- Ernie was just sixteen years old and his son. Leonard the third LH three I guess he probably calls and now. Is playing football himself so they call each other every night they compare notes about practiced his daughter -- RE has just three years old she want to Wear cleats. Mom won't -- so he's fighting that -- plus like I said a baby on the way so yankees had to grow up very quickly he can be very important this team this year. You get a couple big catches tough catches in practice this year they're hoping for big season the second year pro out of you. Forget about RG three we need more on LA history. That's all I'm -- I'm sure Miami's recruiting him right now this I don't -- on the day that's what are the latest on the Burgundy and gold broke Ashburn thank you rob. CSN Washington dot com.