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Black and Red Report: Devon McTavish on DCU trade, playoff race in the east and more



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Fri, 17 Aug 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Welcome everybody to the black and red report Kelly -- joined by Sebastian Salazar. And DC united former DC and Atlanta yes definite Travis thanks for having me welcome to -- good to have hair actual player on Portland's. -- -- There's often credits. -- Clinton. Well big news coming up on Thursday it was the -- DC united made -- Dini Cruz for Leonard. My whole life and saying that great -- yes that's correct Leonard the hole I from Philly and they are new facility on Sunday but to what are they getting out of Leonard behind. Well -- -- guy who comply with his back to goal and for a team that really hasn't had any offense other than Chris Connie is. Over the summer months it's another addition on that four line the reality is. Obviously he's gonna be called and international World Cup qualifiers for Albania Michael -- -- is still struggling with a toe injury and as a result. The front lines had to leave a lot on long ten as a young man with a lot of potential but he still fairly unproven. Say get a guy at the horn who can score who's done it in big games in Columbia has also had some early success and I'm not the Philadelphia. You give up a lot in Danny Cruz but the getting in -- us. You gotta get some how quickly there. And he actually transition to me and the team here in Washington did it'll be good of an adjustment but I think the best thing for -- -- gets traded so he probably knows more than I do play. Is. You know that. Did you always wanna play against your old team in the first game is gonna play against the Philadelphia so if there's any more incentive for him performing well on the first day then. You know that's what it is so I think it's a good addition to the team you know he's obviously the best way to. Play defense against Philadelphia. Is by actually taking away their best -- scored and putting him on our team so. You know I think it's sad to lose finish here that think it was a good asset to the team as well to be kind of fit in the family DC united but I'm unfortunately like like you said it's a business and you know we need people score -- right now that is an -- anywhere concerns upon Hanson but you mentioned the injuries in the national college so. Anything that we can get to go -- that's where singles is a positive for the team -- looking. You -- to Philly is a mountain and you know of course they're getting points from Philly and -- going to Philly. DC united facing Philly at five on Sunday. They've settled down this year -- have -- but what can we expect out of. -- you know Phillies just a really interesting team we're talking today's some of the guys Brandon -- specific is that when you watch them play. You don't think that you think of them as a top team in the Eastern Conference and you look at the standings and they're clearly not there they've had a lot of transition. John hackworth now in charge of Philadelphia union to had a little bit of a spark in that. Hit a summer law after hackworth took over so. From my opinion Philadelphia's dangerous they've got some quick players up top. They never shy away from being physical and I certainly don't against DC united mean that you matches that they played already in the play and an open cup we're just dog fights and not think you can expect that again. This time though it's going to be at rfk a wider field I think that dog fights gonna be a little bit tougher to take in the southeast DC. For the union. It's one of those games it doesn't matter where you are in the standings produced here for Philadelphia all happens to come down to. It's a rivalry game and rivalry games anything can happen right I mean decent and you these points at home they need to actually start getting on the right track. And you know if if there was these reports of moments devastating for they're what they're trying to progress and to make the playoffs and at this point of the season. They need points and they need to get a rhythm in order to make the playoffs and the first step is by being their archrival. Philadelphia. Right points are so crucial right now because their sacks and lock up at the top of the standings and having currently in fifth place. But any match can change in the rankings at any time right everybody so locked up the top sad where you put DC with all those other teams. -- I'll look at it. I guess when the clearest way to look at it is from points per game with DC finishes somewhere right now between. Three and four. But for the black and -- to really start thinking about a deep run in the MLS playoffs and maybe a shot and -- -- couples I think they have right now the offensive talent to do. You've got to be in that top three if you're in the 45 you make the playoffs but. The congested MLS post season schedule is almost impossible for those fourth and fifteen to make a deep run. And DC United's home form has been so much better than his road form there's enough trouble translating that in late October early November. So I think he's really needs as you said to get these points not just it. Have some confidence not just to build rhythm but if we're talking about the playoffs we're talking about any chance at a fifth MLS cup you've got to be in that top three or else you're out of the conversation -- us. I think this year is all about their jobs in a good team minutes getting it's finding the right. Players in the right combinations on the field actually start working towards the playoffs and you found they found a bit early in the season I think major and they had a phenomenal. -- a phenomenal run but. For right now it just comes down to getting the players healthy and getting a winning his Philadelphia gets the confidence and get to get them on the right track. And I think this -- correct me if I'm wrong -- just kind of all about making the playoffs yeah I don't think that's an unfair statement when you haven't when you miss the playoffs is much is this team has. I think so but when you said you know may we were looking at a team in first place and I think the fans and this of people in the club got excited said hey. Before in first place maybe there is indeed parity world event last a realistic opportunity to possibly. Be a contender. Didn't fit if you make it to the playoffs than me who exactly you can there's -- You never know what's gonna happen we look at Colorado couple years the other -- they got in on the last day and in -- -- in the the most cups so. You know for DC it's all about just getting into the analysts fire into the playoffs then anything can happen from there. And I energy that's pretty sure in any sport anything can happen when you're and you just got to get and but some I want to go back to a point that you mention actually. You said DC name brought up the disparity between their home playing in their reply what is it about DC united that they just can't seem to get it going over it. I will tell you what it is but I think Devin alliance actually answer better why it's the -- at RF KDC united since 1996 has branded itself. As a possession skill creative team is not Columbus they are not Houston. They are not sporting Kansas City they like to hold the ball you can more easily do that. On a wide field rfk is much wider than the aforementioned venues. Yeah as I mean that's that's kind of the motto DC united we like to play soccer and they like to play the beautiful game and rfk is a bit of the biggest basis Sebastien mentioned but you also have good players that we need space to play with a mean you get there is Dario on the ball and -- and tight confines faces didn't have nearly as much time as it doesn't rfk. We can pick out runners and then and you pick up players make in the the dashing runs into the box and -- so for me it's also defensively. As we kind of know. Rfk had a look at a defendant rfk where you go to Kansas City it's a tight box and you have athletic players you're going against. It's just kind of what -- back and forth you know and it's one of these things where. You get behind the ball defensively. When you get the ball you find the open space in the field of rfk because its obviously huge as one of the biggest in the league and secondly to that is people respect. DC united at home -- more than on the road I think that the history that just tonight has -- at home is that of you know. It's going to be tough to play against us at home we're gonna come out we have the the -- -- is in the screaming Eagles just bouncing up and down there and you get the extra -- -- you don't necessarily get on the road and team's. Maybe not the past couple years but I know -- has and so that the teams we're gonna get points at home and we're gonna get three points at home and so teams are starting to realize you know it's a tough place to play again and I think that's what's one of the best things the plan rfk once he gets rock and it's tough to. It's tough to lose points at home. Great stuff mixed team knew we can count on you for some -- insider insight. Before we get out here though I wanna hear a little bit more about your foundation and you're doing and events coming up play. Pets yes I am currently working with the crohn's and colitis foundation. Foundation near and dear to my heart I actually suffer from Crohn's Disease that's an inflammatory bowel disease which will spare -- the details but also secondly. There's my father also has as well so. You know they they came to me with this idea of hey would you be interest shouldn't kind of running out five to five adults are determined to raise awareness and funds for -- quite -- foundation. I -- DC united they would jump onboard they jump to the opportunity so it's a 585 adult soccer tournament taking place September 15 in Falls Church. Over the final takes place. On DC NN's infield in rfk stadium -- the fans have had a chance to go to a game and actually wanna play on decent end game feel this is your opportunity. Takes place I guess that mentioned September 15. It's five B five so rosters to me turned five and ten players and go to plan pitched dot com to register. Sounds great all I know this is sanitary and it's near and dear to your heart that you said. Affects millions of Americans out there including two thirds of this set so -- I really great event and or -- 'cause. Hope you guys get out there I'm sure you can find all the information on the lower -- -- -- pitching well. But Sebastian Salazar and didn't have -- when -- -- -- and to me. And Kellie Cowan and we will see next week I'm black and red report. CSN Washington dot com.

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