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Fantasy Island: Gene Wang on what should be a wide open draft



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  2. Chris Johnson0:28, 1:14
  3. Fantasy Island0:04, 1:59
  4. Maurice Jones-Drew0:53
  5. Antonio Brown1:43
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  8. Matt Forte1:13
  9. Ray Rice1:12
Fri, 17 Aug 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. We'll welcome to Fantasy Island the -- one of the Washington Post are aging they're still some players that have yet to report to their team so. When people according to get -- fantasy draft boards what do you do in general to hold out. It's would you want to address that because -- around this year at all the time I get emails about this topic and I recommend to fantasy owners what they should do is treat a holdout as if he were an injury so which means proceed with extreme caution. Chris Johnson is exhibit eight in that regard last year he held out for all of training camp made it back just in time for the opener. And except for some flashes of brilliance that this -- was never quite right. Have the worst production -- his career so that's a cautionary tale for fantasy owners are considering taking hold outs. Jones-Drew with the Jaguars he would be the top of many people's draft boards but he's still waiting for that contract didn't. Could be slipping yet and any other year Maurice Jones-Drew is is a top five you can make the case a top three fantasy pick. But this year he slipped to maybe seven or eight on the board which means you can look to get him late in the first round you can get them early in the second round that certainly agree great value but. He's behind is the six guys I have -- of -- mark the Big Three area Foster LeSean McCoy and ray Ray Rice in the -- Matt Forte even Chris Johnson ahead of him so. And he's gotten behind those guys and late first round pick. How about the Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace I mean he's looking for a huge contract. It hasn't come up with -- saying he's closer to returning rather than later. But what are we draft well you look at a Mike loss probably in the third late third early fourth round of this guy could be. If he were in camp a late second round pick one of the top maybe eight receivers in -- -- in fantasy. But he's stock is definitely falling because it really like Antonio Brown we we know that and that really elect Emanuel Sanders and have other young options two and Jericho -- different about him so. That Roethlisberger has a lot of receivers to work with so devalue my loss to about the fourth round all right thank you very much Eugene -- misses your trip to Fantasy Island. Csnwashington.com.

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