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SportsTalk Live: What to watch for vs. the Bears



  1. Buffalo Bills0:32
  2. Super Bowl0:54
  3. Brandon Banks1:26
  4. Cordoba0:58
  5. Peppers0:35
  6. Bears0:36
  7. Baltimore0:51
  8. Chicago0:13, 0:35
Fri, 17 Aug 2012|


She -- in Washington dot com. I'll look at that offensive line play again in the we saw some good things -- results of bad things he'll couple rookies get his -- Revis won't see them. Take the next step in -- -- on the road. Yeah you are in Chicago so I want to see them -- RG three clean in the other quarterbacks. Open up these holes for a guy like out for more so I'm very intrigued by this and just take that next step as we move closer. That also I think -- to be a great test of -- -- a line we talked a lot about last week and argued that he got the ball out didn't have much pressure at all from the Buffalo Bills but. You look at this league is Julius Peppers in the Chicago Bears they get there a different approach this. -- use them. Probably would there because the -- -- you all could you not doing well the wrist is and what they have played well against this team you wouldn't know you have something going and I don't -- about first round draft that people who always the guys can play many guys in Baltimore all the faith and even fall on me the Super Bowl then all playing without being a first round draft picks and forget Cordoba that. And it again I'll be looking at Richard Crawford yes. Doesn't it laughs we get three. That way all we caught a position that you go right left and he also go to the slot not many people can do that most players. Can't play outside some at the very left hip playwright he can do all three and I think if anybody on this team down to plus Brandon Banks. He's a little bigger than Brandon he played pretty good position would make -- going up so maybe god of cornerbacks. I didn't get returned the ball also sells I'm unsure if we have a like anybody to return a football Aussie no special plays for them branded -- -- got. Regularly -- and take it right but I think Richard Crawford -- a young man whose goal was in my as a -- and -- in Washington dot com.

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