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Ryan Zimmeran talks Nats success, Strasburg shutdown and holds the umbrella for Kelli Johnson



Csnwashington.com. Let's go I'm not a national park and second with Kelly Johnson who is sitting down with a guy who is Smith threw an all Kelly be lowest of the -- an -- pretty good high. Yeah Ryan Zimmerman is the first building block of this organization and a very good umbrella for older. The rain came up and Ryan you guys are 31 games over 500 right now I know common in this season. Everyone believed -- he would make the playoffs but to be honest are you even exceeding your own expectations. Yeah I mean you know anytime. A team is I guess as the best record in baseball going on September obviously. It's it's kind of surprised anyone I think for -- came from the last year year and a half. We knew we haven't done a good team like you said so we knew we have a lot of work to do and so things kind of come together and we've had to go through a lot of adversity a lot of people have been heard a lot of things have happened and we just. Kind of stuck together and just kept going. After last night's ten strikeout performance by Stephen Strasburg the nation in the -- again over his impending shut down I milieu that support the organization I know -- believing other pitchers. But it would only be human to be disappointing not just for Strasburg he's gonna have to watch the play asked the furthest teen beat Pete he is like a once in lifetime pitcher. Yeah no I mean he's he's a great town obviously anybody would -- on him on their team whether it's the playoffs or not but. You know every so long this is is the right thing to do and we stand by the organization and -- can he wants he going to be held it for a long time but. And I feel like. Everyone thinks it's a lock that rule in the World Series a few good pitches memories that we talk about anything else but how long he pitches going for -- so I was. I hope it's that easy good. You know Stephens going to be here for a long time and help us in a lot of ways and -- done a great job zone so far this year -- and he's gonna continue to do until they stick evolved from a. For you personally had to battle some injuries last couple of seasons he won a gold glove back in 2009 -- Delis and they just give you a little blood now. What would it mean now to earn another one of the. Any time you get any award that's voted on by coaches and media people -- players. At this level it's a huge honor it's very humbling I mean everyone on this level works so hard to be good at what they do and to you recognizes this the best that something at anything at this level is is pretty special. And one of the greatest third baseman of all time Chipper Jones is retiring after the -- you can be honored before the game tonight what does a guy like that -- -- you know. Your career although the way it turns -- -- guys like him in and Derek Jeter and guys that. People want their kids to feel like you know he he did at the right way he played began their own way and everything he's done his first class. And he doesn't like it when your mind ten home and -- that it was. Bo Ryan after baseball you have a job as an umbrella holder and really my body guard I can handle that out of the. CSN Washington dot com.



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