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SportsTalk Live: KD from the hardcourt to the big screen



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  2. Ray Allen3:13
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  5. Kevin Durant0:29
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  10. Olympic gold medal winners1:51
Thu, 23 Aug 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. All right Kevin direct came oh so close that championship ring came up a little bit. -- for Oklahoma City Thunder with a be back next year anyway they got the Olympic gold medal in a world championship team has seen a few years ago. Adding to that to his career couple scored just another movie -- struck. Coming out he stars and it. And I was going to be in theaters Friday include here in the DC area so I had a chance to go down and have a sit down. With Kevin Durant and talk about that the gold medal before under a whole lot more check it out. How did you get involved in this project to start with and I know your mother told me that -- initially initially -- little reluctant about doing a movie what did you do. Wore on there was something. As one of the trial wins. I just encouraged to do my mom game who cares is doing. You know first I just want to be behind us and executive producer you know just have my name info would show. And then home -- trip and I and I already know -- -- told there's -- so much -- just go into this Tressel emotional and -- -- you know not a title -- went and visited -- -- -- -- -- as -- as well. Responsible Charles Barkley was famously said I'm not a role model you seem to take that role seriously though both on and off court -- you carried yourself all of -- -- good things. You do wanna have kids look up Q why is that what does that comfort. For a minute and a platform -- a -- -- you watched a lot of what you do and always try to set a good example. Weather's been good sportsmanship or crucial book of sportsmanship form quarreled over the course is doing right things and four -- perfect person Burton hung on every day and try to spark isn't motivated and then I -- government. I had a busy offseason you hate you you -- at the Olympic gold medal winners the gold medal and you pull it out sometimes you just look at it. Done that before how are they airport our pitchers are more just had a USA across his chest and rep position country. That is is unbelievable honor and to me that people have met you know -- to. Four star general into the arms cemetery you know things like that just and -- plan for the USA. And -- so many other athletes over in London -- he did that represent our country means a lot of songs on that I got that opportunity. And I don't know how lecture -- I was bringing back -- goes home you know been Olympian is something almost remember. Now Dwight Howard goes -- lynch. Oklahoma City is still the team to beat thome -- and it would just got a little bit tougher they're on the west. -- will be fun some fun every year's team is better. And I think if we -- team is is doing what we've been going in Oklahoma City for the longest there will be okay -- Lakers are really really good thing we respect them. They're gonna be tough to be because we like to challenge and we're looking forward to why why go see this movie you know there's a lot of entertainment options out there morning a little Tigers host plus they come to this. Was from this -- it's the symptoms were the most listened to -- where. Believing yourself and keep your faith and there's going to be funny in the world you better actor than Ray Allen and he got game car we'll see how that other people determine. CSN Washington dot com.