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Kelli Johnson goes behind the plate with Kurt Suzuki



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Thu, 23 Aug 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. What does this experience been like come on over to the best team in baseball you were on a very good race team but but how you kind of describe what this is in line for you coming into Washington. And it's been fun now than having a great time so far. You know it doesn't hurt you know again definitely entered over to invest in baseball with -- -- best -- -- in the game too so it's it's been a great time and and have fun with it. I know you're tightly do Gonzales what did he do to prepare you for this and and -- known as descriptive as he is he's probably fun to be back with -- He had GO he strain I've I've. Had a luxury of catching him you know his first big league start it's. -- now I now so. I know had their relationship in Oakland and -- Definitely excited to definitely. Be on the same team -- him again and -- -- -- -- -- matter how difficult is it to learn pitching staff all the arms quickly so the even called better game. It takes some time you know it definitely takes some time off. You know luckily I was with days for you know quite sometime so. You know and become -- over here you know -- do it's it's like starting fresh -- united that gets. -- your mind you know gets worked and you know he definitely do your best to help speed up the process played just gonna comic timing come with. You know repetitions behind the plate catching these guys you know more and more but the more the more you do it that's the easier being. That's never been in the postseason you personally never played in the post season how exciting is is that possibility. Making the playoffs and perhaps putting together a strong run. It's definitely today you know like he says that there in a position like this before. So our military thing. This late in the season. You know it's and the full seasons definitely. Different but it's it's exciting and you know looking forward to it and just him. Enjoyment time CSN Washington dot com.

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