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  1. Chris Cooley1:06
  2. Sean Taylor1:10
  3. Fred Davis1:04
  4. the reds0:37
  5. Raiders1:55
  6. Cowboys2:04
  7. football team0:40
Wed, 29 Aug 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. It's kind of a unique situation but from a pure football standpoint. This is not a starting -- -- better off somebody who are -- when you look at it -- -- my stance that you did it because we wanted to start. So they were released him down to give up to a team goes and we'll just thought. If everybody heard Chris -- -- as the man who could come I had a long way to build. But I think he doesn't get a job and we get out of it goes well and I doubt that he comes back what it. So a lot of -- put a lot of stuff on the day. Call off Bob bought him what these emails and all that you're not gonna solve anything the reds tumbled into what they think it would help this football team. -- -- -- At least. I really did anybody to be released the -- against -- let it happen to me. You have to really look at the situation that when you get to a certain age and your production their production of the -- what it was when you start a big big. -- -- -- And it upon another young guy who didn't think there was more of a stud that you are -- go get that got Apatow did until Fred Davis that is just daughter. Chris Cooley is always going to be a -- He's won both players like Sean Taylor not only respect that because every time we step on the field people fault and also he took. Is is are the the way your post of his twelve under -- help. All the feeling -- great stuff but his community and they got all the reasons. The prediction of a connection -- human connection that you have with -- Mitchell who have sent. But everybody know when you look at it in the last years slow. He has not been the player and he was he bizarre illegal drug it last year cause injury injuries late in your career is -- bad thing because of the young guys that. Let's see what happens where he winds up at that. If that needs -- the and that might be my question now healthiest but it these right. I wouldn't be sports in -- somewhere upkeep and I Oakland Oakland Raiders to a little bit at tight end. Al Saunders who is here and he had been in that system is there as well so keep an eye on their. That you might wanna keep it on the Dallas Cowboys -- Redskins -- wanna hear that don't open a -- and so I'd -- have a chance. Don't know Buddha would do that -- the -- what the Eagles anybody. And I admit it here did that and open at all. We are all all -- to give -- a different perspective. -- Twitter FaceBook. That Washington dot com this was not allowed to have and don't think she lives in Washington dot com.

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