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Brandon Banks makes his case for a roster spot



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Wed, 29 Aug 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. We'll also like second without Brandon Banks and see what you know he's got some. I don't -- that might be now ask that question letter on a show it what what's the toughest call you make on this squad here I'm just not sure what is going to be come. He did some good things tonight to us obviously get some you know him he's one of those guys who can give you a lot of good and sometimes you go. You see that news from your position as a as a returner you got to be consistent yeah. Yeah be consistent and I think is on him repeat Rodriguez came whose team he said look I want -- -- what you have my return we got to clean up some things and I think Pete Rodriguez came in. And taught me about returning. Many coaches are some -- and his dad is still illegal it's a bigger guy he has great counted dorm I'll -- just let him do it. Pete was able to teach me -- or of returning not just let me return. And I've got a lot more consistent and my career took off branding to be in the same position and they just go out there and work with a with a lot more things. Look actually and hold your thought they're Trevor Wenatchee aspirin and banks himself food joins us now. With rob Carlin -- total offense from her Brenda banks that 156. Yards. Portsmouth up this is rob will be written that absolute disagreement you had he said -- -- -- when -- -- has that it. Leave it to say that the B that tonight but the beard and a little bit of everything exactly -- The legend grows in his mind. I ran. You needed to have a big game here tonight you certainly did in every phase of the game how would you essentially playing this went on -- just MI I mean I'm not a position I was in. So food -- coaches can make of this decision is it is and I just -- out there are as I could. How tough is it going into the game knowing you need to make plays are you thinking anymore when a punt coming down I gotta get this one. I'm not opera select a random game where again my approach it when I got to make plays that's what I do so -- -- than normal game for me -- also had had a chip on my shoulders I went out there and just -- The deep route take us through the hole played in me that catch just not count car greatly for me just Randy route -- a corner towards the corner of the end zone. Kirk hasn't done a great -- he -- game Roberts and get up Miami can't. The end around she got the block and when she saw daylight I imagine you were staring at that end zone I mean housed some baskets at the end zone late night is it is -- out there working just -- like I am -- Hopefully next time if I get opportunity number gets it has -- you feel you put enough funds take these coaches keep on the 53 so I've I put in a Forte if not we're -- out on the lease on -- and there are really wanna be here. And like a second mom so hopefully it's a bit of this is for him that you noticed and is that a man so it is what it is. B Mitch he would be -- night he got a question my dad do Brandon you -- you've played very well and I said you had a lot of big plays yourself first of all how much pressure. Has been on you a million different things that people saying. And also how good did it feel for him to put -- in different positions where you can make plays tonight. The pressure it is what it is less than the nature of the game in I like first cannot act in that you know rise to the occasion when pressure come but. I'm I'm glad to get an opportunity to play to make plays and I mean like I said to him I just in my Al today they can made this decision Nike and here. Cabrera you've been through this before so what are the next 48 hours so what do you do for the next 48 hours I'll probably Ivins I would just sit back and relax and not take care my body count British air from 9 AM for -- shot -- -- -- enough wanted to be so my husband myself wanna be here so. It is it is a founded a car on mostly flowers or another Redskins nation this column for you on -- -- he has got to be part of this team I guess we'll see. But the coaches say Brandon Banks thanks for much of being a risky thing is him on IV that Brandon Banks CSN Washington dot com.

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