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Beltway Baseball: Nats bounce back after losing streak



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Thu, 30 Aug 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Hello and that's fans welcome the CSN Washington dot com and a very red version everything. The way baseball presented by the -- not by design just happen by not by design just a coincidence but I would look like Iraq and are now that it's scripture. And I feel. Well anyway is that the nationals are back in town. After losing streak that they were able to stop Miami a five game losing streak tied there it's the highest of the season. We saw some some problematic pitching some. Some problems with the bats that ransom hot pitching against Philadelphia of the problems you saw. In the five game losing streak. Do you think there's anything that may persist in could be a problem maybe in the bigger they're not really I think. For the most part especially the Philly series was mostly them not hitting against some very good pitching. Those are out there and they didn't have two of their best hitters in on him more as you wouldn't hurt a lot that first -- -- it was a fiasco. But that was Strasburg not pitching well some sloppy stuff going on behind him. In the field and maybe the one biggest concerns this season long he's been inability to hold runners on base and -- points pitching staff Strasburg has been among the worst. Step in that regard I think that's the only thing I would look at bigger picture as concern it's really no different during that -- beat him when winning a lot of games. I look at this is kind of what. Little bump in the road they're gonna lose games that happened on the way. They still have -- -- -- that still have. He's very good and deep lineup whenever but it's healthy. So I don't necessarily see that as something that's definitely -- And the fact that David Johnson met with them. Cleared the air and some things -- -- this relaxed out there and play that won that second game series it's action so. I don't think -- answer. And fortunately for them the Braves and really gain any ground that's been kind of strange. Last few weeks that as the nationals are winning the Braves are winning -- the nationals -- the rays -- right and that's helped a lot I think it's totally different situation calls and the Braves got hotter stayed hot during that time. Didn't like San Diego lose two out of three. If that leads down to two games three games I think it's -- different feeling and I think that's why. See he wanted to make that point in 1980 we'll talk about this and and -- few minutes. That it wasn't the time to get -- Saturday and again nervous. They still were in control this thing in their own destiny and playing well you're no reason to change right now. And the the Braves have been playing very well since they'll serving I think that the best ERA in the majors Jason Heyward. This is really heated up so it's lucky on a whole lot of levels. Yeah absolutely I mean look I don't think anybody honestly believe that either -- right away -- this thing it's gonna come down. We've definitely September. And the nationals have to hope that they can maintain enough of -- lead and never really quite feel the green right next. The MR let's talk about Bryce Harper who has been real up and down the last few months basically all season has seen as batting average -- Pretty low but lately we've seen him strike out four times in the game and then we've seen him hit. Two homers in the game right what do you make of of what he's going through and I think it's a classic case of -- nineteen year. You know -- all the -- world and there are going to be times it looks like the best player in the field. And there are going to be times that it looks like a nineteen year old is little overwhelmed by the situation. I. You just have to kind of expect this going in that this is what it's going to be like for him. Nobody thought. That he would be consistent day you know he just aren't as well experienced. But the reason it -- stuck with that you did at times. Is because when he hit that second game in Miami -- did -- come out there and change that game two home runs. That's why he's in there it's like you -- -- so much he's slumping point that is all good learning experience for him at the same time he's contributing. -- first place team he's got fourteen homers as a nineteen year old the only teenagers. Every hit more than that. I think the aero now I. Anger be cute and he's got more than mantle right Robin down I mean he's insolent company here in. The bar was raised so high because when he came out of -- that we have to pass that acts under remember that very few guys -- -- -- ever done he's done and he's doing our effort wasting. Right it was a special game four and he tied mentor and then you're and then passed in this kind of a cool moment there. But then later in the game Bryce Harper kind of lost the school and threw his helmet and is ejected from the game. Little bit of a temper tantrum that we've seen on the several occasions this season. This was kind of the with the worst of it I guess as far as the result. We understand Davey Johnson had to speak for them. Do you think you know. First of all what do you make of his attitude and his frustrations like some of the think maybe he's becoming a targeted audience because. Sunday may disagree with this but we've seen in other sports with guys who get technical about him yet or say James Harrison gets that the flat when enough. Yeah I mean there's definitely a target on his back there other guys don't happen it's not fair but it's the way it hits. And I think the point that Davey wants to get across -- harper is you have to understand your being judged differently and everybody it's not fair. But here in nineteen year old with a lot of -- Played him a lot of emotion. There's a certain point you can take it -- but then you have to learn not to cross that he and -- I don't think what he did was that big an egregious. You know mistake you were preaching baseball etiquette. I have seen guys get thrown out that before and certainly your guys that umpires or watching closely they're gonna do that so I think in the bigger picture it would like -- understand that. You got to learn how to toned down but not quite so down so it should have been maybe the best game of his career -- Hitting two home runs helping lead the -- this kind of effort trivia question. Yeah price ever get thrown out in the Vietnamese have -- -- on earth right now. I was joking afterwards and they've seen our first Bryce Harper Patrick has two homers. Any objection that some of the people point out the -- thrown an outfield assists there really. Completed but. Point being. Yeah after a great game. Learn how to enjoy that and now not to this you know ruining it didn't really factor in that game as it -- I think they're comfortably and that we. If he does that early in the game recently in -- close games late September maybe an October that's not hurting the team -- -- points ideal. We saw the -- saying maybe it was just kind of a extra result of the losing streak. And UN commander and kind of get into more of that and the dynamic of the locker room in this moment. Right back here at Nationals Park and I'm joined now by -- Womack Washington times who was in Miami. For the series it just pleaded with the Marlins and so I wanna get your perspective on a couple things that happened out there starting with. The losing streak in the way it ended an outdated Johnson decided to hold team meeting before the final games of the series. From talking with him in the sense around the clubhouse why do you think that was the moment they chose to do. I think that. After that loss personally sob. Down. And things like that and even at. This evening's -- Keeneland on that much and he acknowledged you know. Obviously -- losing streak like that. If you give it recently he's there on -- and I looked up at me. I did this morning apparently August along. Okay that's I don't know I don't know the nationals and that came in that class but. I do know they're not that I. But am I think that you know. He just wanted to get when that guy. You're not doing that you know I think also the first -- you mean in Sydney they had chances that they didn't really cash in in Philly. Me and -- bunch of pitchers on game you know they weren't in every game in -- yet and I played fairly well played well except you know a couple of mental right. You know in Miami dealer out of it almost or go into I think he -- mean you know it -- Atlanta we're still firstly the you -- meaningless extremely upbeat a lot of players thinking it's only you know I'm pretty happy line and seeing all the fun meeting -- started off I think. You know when you lose you manage. You know -- given -- at the and you know -- in new ones -- -- you know on it yet. That counts for something I guess I mean I think you're right that Davey. His -- -- number one I think he senses when something that's appropriate number two I think it's important that. Taxi so it wasn't to go ballistic on and start turning it over table. And all that stuff. Reinforced say you know what you're still in first place you've been playing really well all season he still led at that point by four games over the Braves. There's no reason to panic -- to go out and try to. And this thing just go out and play the -- you have a one year and I think that it was kind of better way to reinforce it. And -- Kind of lost his mind yeah I agree and you might a couple of players actually said before adding you know that's kind of -- as a good player -- management called eating. Before it was how the couple -- that battering guys in. And the other managers said you know I think it's good -- -- to get together and have a team meeting get it and -- needs -- obviously he's not a big proponent of them. But who Jiri you know want to -- so for a couple guys like we did get him in the same room. And just trying to you know give a little it was last seven minutes it was not a link. You know he picks his spots so far. As talk about something else important that happens in that final game series and that was true story. I -- it kind of got lost because they ran away with it in the ninety's and normally he came into a spot in the eighth inning. Runner on third tying run on second nobody out and gets out of that jam without letting anybody else across wedding bills reached base. In your mind was that a big step for him in the kind of thing that they needed to see out of him heading -- the stretch right. I think so I mean you know it doesn't put into situations come back but you know he'd mean that definitely the highest it's. -- have surgery and you know keep nagging. You felt like himself that he's feeling more and more like himself and the more pressure situations equipment you. And -- he gets back to back. So I do you think that in that regard and you know I asked him you know even up you've been down you know since I'm acting like every game that. -- -- -- You know last night I think was. Pretty close it in the. Yeah I mean Davey the day after all that goes out and says he's all the way back. And we'll see a mean he's he's still need to so consistently can do it -- -- -- and I think one of the important things that all that. Is yet was the eighth inning not and I -- used to but that was the ball. Right there. And a lot of ways that was far more important with Clifford did come in with a four run lead in the night. I think it's important reinforces notions that store and even if you're not my guy in the ninth inning. Come crunch time what you're doing anything could actually be more important and be just as valuable to this team and what they're trying to help us. Absolutely you know I think when things aren't done -- well and he's come back is realizing that you know he still isn't close here. And you know knowing taking that away from him. But you know there's not a guy -- doing pretty well and they're allowing that allows him to come back and not have to be the closer you have to worry that every little hiccup in the continuing rehab. Is going to cost us so I think he's gonna be job of keeping that mentality and you know knowing that that at a certain point there's a chance and closing games again. You know down the road here and anyone think that when he was on rehab is. You know we get where we want to be. Being involved -- both -- -- -- -- -- -- 67 nights in a row and you know so he got that in that regard laughing at. Yeah it was seen moving forward out -- when -- right -- -- store and get a save or two I think reports results and yet I think. Thank you -- for joining us -- will be right back with some reader questions. Okay we -- back here at Nationals Park ready for some reader questions thanks for the given us some good ones this week as always. Mark the first one is from JCJ. Five Y who is looking sounds like a license plate and it. Look looking ahead at the post season -- about a month than maybe a week or so away. Wondering what would the net posts post season rotation look like much to the question. You're gonna probably used four guys you don't need five playoffs has off days and he's been -- professional long -- -- your number one guy. Personally I think it would be Jordan there. Waited so -- -- he knows me one thing you and tells him to. The way to set up all along -- -- believe that Edwin Jackson you know -- with Ross to Atlanta for. That helps break up the lefties for one reason and Jack has experience being there for. That said if damn lot of pitched great down the stretch he's definitely at season's gone on and gotten better. It -- were really struggle. Aspect I could see that flip -- potential and I still think you go with experience in this case that I've never been there before Jackson -- on his drive so I think you have to give that. Some. That that's count for something. OK now let's -- on the second one from Jane be. Asks when is it time for Ryan Zimmerman to get in new -- course. It's funny you should ask that -- because the question was asked of Davey Johnson just this afternoon. And -- seemed to indicate that Tim hasn't complained at all personal. And number two is still perform pretty well and we hasn't hit the ball out of the park as much lately. But he still had the ball pretty -- still reaching base at a good clip. Looks fine field some really hasn't complained about it I don't think they're seeing the same and a telltale signs of the zone early in the year where. He was swinging as hard could and just not able to Moss the ball out or. Pitches on the outside or -- -- it drives and uses that we believe in them you in the right center field he's still doing it almost as well as he was sore after the shot so. I think they're -- -- -- he's gonna need another one of these season move forward. I -- at the power numbers are down but overall offensive production to -- pretty good me. They mark on the first question we looked ahead let's now look way ahead at just recently and Major League Baseball announced that. Minnesota at target field going to get the 2014. -- in this is expected. But 2015. We think the chances aren't gonna come to DC I think is a great chance I rate they are the front runners -- that spot -- -- -- back. All star game this year when the subject came up there's still some things. It won't sort out the biggest contender against -- Washington is probably Miami which like its new ballpark. That are just open. And -- this morning that you're no longer with such a big deal. Between MLB and district on the at this stadium built New Hampshire the -- carrots thrown at. The city -- this thing done with that they would potentially get to host the all star game. It sets up well for fifteen teams playing close attention he only hang up I think. On Major League baseball's part is the area around the ballpark and there hasn't been a lot built up yet but you're starting Seymour I think I make the playoffs this year. Can't he see. More activity around place I think you're gonna see it's much more more stuff built up. Next year Q. And I think is very good chance -- by this time next year. We find out. -- DC will be hosting 2015 holes so we're looking forward to late August next year I think we'll hear could be I don't poses an exact time when asked to be announced but certainly don't want to wait much longer than that. I think approximately -- next summer time they won that. CSN Washington dot com.

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