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UVa coach Mike London on the QB situation & his ties to Richmond (Part 1)



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Fri, 31 Aug 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. It's that time of the year time to talk college football please be joined by Mike London who joneses down there in Charlottesville coach and we're excited about the season and hey let's start at the quarterback you announced this week that Michael Rocco as your starting QB. Was it an easy decision or not. While I think it was an easy decision based on the fact that no Michael is on our system now for for two seasons in that. You know he he best represents -- opportunities for us to be efficient to distribute the ball -- play makers in. You know he and -- -- you know improved over the course of the summer so. In David whopper challenged him but you also had the opportunity to have -- another player another another very good quarterback. You know join our odds on our team -- summer with the Phillips them so. I -- made the quarterback situation. Are very competitive but I think you know white deserve to get this opportunity to start because -- he showed that. You know he's still -- he can grasp the offense move the ball. In an input make decisions that we need to on the field. Coach the natural follow wolf would then be where does Phillips is their walk from fitting in and are there any plans -- maybe redshirt Wofford. Well I mean absolutely we always you know we -- situation you always careful you wanna take everything into account. You know we felt that going into the season that right now that you know -- came from a system's scheme is very similar to ours being the Alabama. I played as a true freshman. Did not plays assault war. And not a -- for us I think he's going to be a phenomenal talent. That we had did play him as a true freshman. I just think that you know that a year sitting and watching. Gonna make can be an even better quarterback it's tough because he's a competitor. But all three of those guys are when I met with -- they they talked about you know what they can do for the team and what was best for the team. Spectators a level maturity that comes with that because everyone knows you know you wanna be that the guy or the quarterback but you know selfless is what it is those three guys are sort of self. Which absolutely listen Nevada we really enjoyed -- play last year was Perry Jones last three ran multiple touchdowns threw a touchdown pass caught a touchdown pass. Always -- on defense this year. I don't know you might -- it makes coleslaw on me but I -- everybody you know so the but -- Perry's two time captain you know just. This disagreed individual great person help I'll probably the strongest guy on -- team. He'll do anything -- lineup -- is in the scout team positioned it you know to help the defense so. I think I just I trust -- A great year this year just be the type of leader this team needs. Animation at that coleslaw is good though because of its bad call slower to talk about. Party guest host Richmond this week in and you know new Richmond head coach Danny Rocco you guys go back -- -- We do -- you know we're on the original staff and coach groh came here in 2001. In you know gaining on the left and became his coach liberty I want my separate ways with the Texans and he came back to Richmond. And now here at Virginia so was -- -- good man is good coach you know he did a great job at liberty. And yell and now sit -- Richmond my alma mater. You know but he's doing well there I know the players embrace him the football alumni they like him. And I think Danny will do to do a great job at Richmond. And is also the uncle of your starting quarterback so -- guess he has really good genes and a you know it's probably get naked pictures of David Michael Rocco we know it is in his wallet. -- others coaches on the staff. That were at Virginia. Coaches at leopard Richmond with me come to Virginia. So that there's a lot of us the don't you know notes -- his ball fourteen players on the Richmond team right now. That I recruited when I was there 2000 age so it's you know it's it's a game but it is also you know you got friends and you got relationships that you've established. You know over last couple years -- and so it'll be good but we'll play the game will be competitive. But after the game you know -- changed embrace and catch up with with the old friends. CSN Washington dot com.

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