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Mike Shanahan on the potential of rookie QBs


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Sun, 2 Sep 2012|


Csnwashington.com. We'll over the NFL the Redskins -- seven days away from starting the 2012. Season. An excitement is floating to the region after a promising pre season the Burgundy and gold faithful. When you do play quarterback Vince Young. -- you gonna take a look what he does when he does mess and you feel like he's your best option when. I'm -- short term the long term and went and had the experience -- you want to get to experience. You know. What team. A couple of loose play your -- competitive very quickly I don't think people understand -- Regardless what -- You have to have a supporting cast you have to have a good system I've seen guys and I think her excellent quarterback some pretty good spring camps and assistant vision for the quarterback and they look you know pretty average and besides I think for a guy to really -- National Football League. He's got to have everything. CSN Washington dot com.

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