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Injuries pile up as Skins prepare for opener



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Wed, 5 Sep 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Rob there are some guys banged up from the pre season out there so good then and who's out this weekend. -- -- news is not good for Brandon meriwether he's out two to four weeks with a sprained emcee Alan PCL in his left knee it's the same knee he hurt. During the pre season. Mike Shanahan today saying it happened in Monday's practice it was just a freak accident. They're not deep in that position as it is remember it's an art Jackson party out suspended for the season to Jon Jones is running with the first team to the not good to go up against the Saints have been injured and shallow defensive backfield there is some good news though. Brian Orakpo practiced in full as the Corey -- insider they're both expect to be ready to take on the Saints on Sunday but none of the guys in the locker and trust me. They are not focused on injuries and things that they don't have their focus on one thing and one thing only and that's playing for a real. -- I'd definitely woke up this morning a little more excited gnome actually preparing for game that -- we're gonna play all four quarters and then. From distant and -- assistance of urgency because you don't definitely wanna start the season off -- a loss. You know you wanna start puts us in the game right now. He. The Redskins want to make a deposit in the win column Robert Griffin the third will have to put up some points the Saints averaged 34 game -- you won't Redskins. Didn't it's worth thirty once all season. For the Russians onto the. You as always. We're trying to match another quarterback does -- you do want to respond as an offense to 21 over another offense does good. I never -- once. I mean I know there's a lot of great offenses easily run it. One seeds are friends he does take some time to Drew Brees sometime. I'm only talks about Robert the first game. You know it's just one of those things you look forward to as a rookie I can understand there's a number of things that'll happen that he's going to adjust to overtime. New Orleans will no doubt try to confuse the rookie with pre snap movement and by disguising blitzes so it becomes very important to maintain focus. And do exactly what the coaches have prepared in the. You and. Thank you just friend who has given me a really tough to look you can practice and then Kim at all times -- different direction prize China given everything you could take practice. So that when it does come down anytime. Soon every night. Fool you know you got to understand. It's what you need to look at it you don't need to see everything you need to you know. Pinpoint what you need to see it's. To excuse the offense and as a rookie will be -- -- -- you might get lost it. He's got it and he understands it and I'm excited simpler. There'll be a lot of people excited to see Robert -- -- third play against New Orleans and not all Redskins fans keep in mind. -- parents both grew up in New Orleans he said he's expecting green between fifty and seventy family and friends. In the stands but he did point out he's -- paying for seven of them. The rest of them used to be Saints fans so -- guess -- slowly win memo. That's great well I would think though he could win them over and high paying for their tickets but mainly not at the maybe I'm just I'm jumping the gun -- hey rob. X.s and -- here is there any update on who's gonna start running back. As expected it no Mike Shanahan said he'll evaluate them all week long he did say there have been -- certain Roy Lou coming back from injuries. Are making progress throughout the week we asked Roy -- he had any idea he's gonna start. He just said no I'll probably have to wait until game time he'll probably know before then we you probably won't. CSN Washington dot com.

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