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SportsTalk Live: Fantasy Football Picks - Week 1



  1. 49ers1:04
  2. Jimmy Graham1:21
  3. Matt Forte0:49
  4. Stafford1:09
  5. Ravens1:26
  6. Jacksonville0:54
  7. football season1:43
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Thu, 6 Sep 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I know many -- you -- it to be interactive with you guys will tell you what we know a lot of guys can be abused right redeem its last two weeks are just the first. I've been high. Anyway we -- plays a little faster football widow wanna -- address -- we're gonna do -- -- -- he's gonna pick a team every week. You also could pick a different team every week and then go on the FaceBook or Twitter accounts and we just stuck a mop and -- we -- maybe what -- five of the best teams out. And ranked a mob ball went on to figure out some and then give them the best person out there -- always double guarantee anything yeah yeah I won't be Mitch has all the money that you -- also weren't caught. Thank you we'll take a look at our squad Joseph -- might quickly Cavagnoud. Mean that's going against temple bat like that match up. Matt Forte gets the Colts again that's a good match up. -- Harvard at home against Jacksonville. Again I don't judge will do vessels shake out a person do little balls -- -- -- -- his his old team cancer and she's. I think he's going to be motivated and you know what I'm take the 49ers does. I don't like the. Pat and I thought they can -- and Matt Stafford and Calvin jump from the safety in Atlanta gives a -- -- I expect a lot of points. Area of Boston. He's a number one rated as a football player out there to have given up when you're the golf who logged. To -- -- -- -- that Jimmy Graham letting -- a while the Redskins now safe to say it is out. My -- problem -- a Baltimore Ravens defense they've ordered blog there. And shut down -- being stress you CRTs. They'll make your team. And I'm gonna go away and go into sports talk live like a page by the way baseball forced up a lot we interact every day recently to tweak -- stuff on there also your messages FaceBook. -- play a little football season. I'm looking forward to my championship on -- wanna stay throwing just them now and are happy black hat -- -- behind. CSN Washington dot com.

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