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Redskins Nation: Picks for the season's opening weekend



CSN Washington dot com. What about the show -- publishers are you ready to go I am ready I call earlier this week in since you solve that you've been studying these games haven't you. You know I just don't like to lose I don't care what game I'm playing if it's picking winners and losers in the NFL whatever it is I I have to at least be competitive so I just more. I was 35 games over 500 -- you'd better be ready you told me that's why I got here are they really felt I guess what says were picking on Friday. And the first -- on Wednesday Charlie that we have a W. -- there. What I would have picked Dallas. I I probably don't seem too -- Indianapolis that Chicago. -- Chicago. You know we go to Chicago to honestly tell you could. You could pick Indianapolis after the season they had last year Philadelphia Cleveland I mean yeah -- Philly of this one as much as I hate to do it. You know what after last year's disappointment -- fired up. I would for Michael Vick began going -- -- through the sale is as -- -- coach Jeff Fisher but how much better will they be the Redskins will play them in Saint Louis next week. Saint Louis -- This Sunday. Go with Saint Louis Detroit isn't as good as they think they are all right and Jeff Fisher is a darn good coach from taking Detroit. Why did Houston Miami -- just watch and hard knocks makes me think they might not with a game this year I think it. You know I get a refused as well I. You're right about the hard knocks -- get a little suspect. I was really embarrassing how would anybody do that there's a lot of that left Kansas City this is that is you look now it is not many were to win. The think the home team Casey correct Jacksonville at Minnesota I mean Maurice Jones-Drew is back but is Adrian Peterson back. Which one's gonna play more -- simply going to be the winner who plays better. On the with Minnesota. I had to Jacksonville just -- Buffalo at the Jets. -- gave AFC east. You know I think like everyone ultimate tune in to see what Tim Tebow does or how to use them the with the Jets -- -- the Jets I do not believe in Tebow but I'm not affect. Buffalo. Tennessee. Particularly let it all hope Tom Brady be able to pull all last year. Over five yards passing -- -- here I gotta go with the Patriots lost Tom were you standing operate you got to -- the -- Seattle area as well and that as the battle of Russell Wilson and -- skill. -- -- -- -- -- -- you currently and a like Russell so that they -- Seattle on the road or at the right I'm I'm curious about him like a lot of people around the league but now here's a game with two teams that. Both Super Bowl aspirations in Green Bay host its efforts sisco. You know what those people home field advantage it's not called yet in -- -- so I think San Francisco what you better teams -- into -- 49ers own article ops that'll take. Great day and then following up a lot at Tampa day I mean I'll give and -- up predicted here that they didn't win many games. You know I -- figures he can take the next step in his development -- -- -- going to be very very good year ago with the Panthers on -- Tampa we differ they're -- -- other was his problem getting nervous you're cricket a lot of things and I'm not. As a Bronco hosting Pittsburgh tough tough game. Pittsburgh is getting old but I still believe in their. I think god he's going to be on the wrong with the Steelers okay I've taken them -- like that we differ Cincinnati at Baltimore and rest it'll play both those teams this year it seems like since that always plays the region's top but you know on Baltimore's home. -- -- with with with the Ravens I'll take the Ravens to San Diego at Oakland at 1015 Monday night game I don't know Austria for that one. Would you obviously do yeah I could go to Oakland I'm gonna take Oakland as well. I'll give you my redskins' New Orleans pick after heart tells us what you think it's gonna happen give us a little thumbnail to what's gonna happen well. I mean there's a reason that the Saints were -- note home last year I mean I don't know if anyone besides Green Bay when he gets really cold has been and as distinct excuse me. A home field advantage as. New Orleans it's so loud right I mean we know the Redskins have been preparing for all the crowd noise and and music and everything is me going on. You know there's just so do you all over the place and if there's one weakness I think the Redskins. Are probably it's probably come back and bite them it's going to be a secondary and when he got Drew Brees and Colston and Graham. Runner run in a while back there I think could be a big night for them. Well I disagree with you all the fans why. Week check this out they can start it on CSN Washington dot com.



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