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Ryan Kerrigan on how the defense contained Drew Brees



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  3. Ryan Kerrigan1:54
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Sun, 9 Sep 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- talking earlier this week Stephen Bowen and he said there's nothing better than coming to a loud stadium and shutting -- the fans crowded field to do what you did against the Saints today. It was awesome and he's right when we went to Seattle last year of one of those probably allowed the only. Stayed in the compete with this and won there it was it was awesome to hear so many people essentially silent so this is this there were a great win for us and a great start the season. How did you guys contained Drew Brees he just never seemed to be the Drew Brees Reno. Well that's -- we gotta do from we got to get pressure and know not let him get comfortable because when a guy like drew is comfortable he can. He even I mean you see what he did last year at like 5000 yards they can't let him get comfortable and he's got to make sure he's honest those. He did it seem like you guys were also very good batting down balls that doesn't happen him all that much considering his height. Yeah that's who I mean that's what coach Bernie always emphasizes you know if you can't get to the quarterback it's your hands up and didn't we have a lot of on the depth. -- -- tweet out during the game after your -- that's pretty on Purdue crime. Candidate Billy get to him today and get a sack in the first game now is it felt great I mean we are working all day long to get to the quarterback finally was able to get a sack and felt really good. How about the offense put up forty points while they're outstanding and they were it was so fun to watch it felt like a fan on the sidelines watching Marcus. You know lose it was just yards and two yards it was they played phenomenal the way Robert Griffin came out this short passes. Got him his confidence did you guys as he hit every short passing plays -- made losers and overall confidence and asylum in the whole team definitely I mean we we all feed off of each other and know we came up with a lot of stops in the first half they've they're moving the ball well all game long so. No we're really feed off each other if felt like I broke this game off three or four times though will nerve wracking at the end -- we'd have played we're never able relax and hopefully and hopefully next time we can put a -- quicker but he knows. It was awesome awesome game. Bottom line get that W. Ryan Kerrigan a sack and a win not a bad then opening day CSN Washington dot com.

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