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Stephen Bowen has a grade for RG3's performance...



CSN Washington dot com. Even earlier this week. He certainly is nothing better than coming into a loud stadium and shutting up those fans. How good did it feel to do what you did today it felt amazing you know to the whole game you know -- times and they got us on defense before the most for the crowd -- quiet. And I that they expect us to come like -- when we believe in ourselves and we knew we can -- went today. How did you guys contain Drew Brees you mean this was as uncharacteristic. Of breezed games that -- a long time. -- of slowed trying to collapsed pocketed. Trying to make it -- and today it is not a force in the big mistakes I think. Well office -- that he Phillips had a little pressure to try to make plays in the heat do you could have correlate to a three picks today. -- the way defensive backfield play Aussie guys shorthanded back there. That's the supposed weakness of the team yet. Not many open guys downfield not not at all on me includes this great defense overall I mean we knew they were Carl's office to religious employees and coach has to listen notes -- work hard. And we're we're gonna do was due to -- splash you're not a lot of wiggle room the defense feel good to see forty points to put up. Has great -- -- you know we're talking on the -- while we actually you know we had a wrist times. Just to see offices moved the ball we problem and then -- -- just one game that we were it would take this celebrate -- this one today. And it's humorous Saint Louis next week I know your defense and got it how would you grade have to perform to your rookie quarterback today. I give me crap and really get hit he'd have any turnovers. He was poised in the pocket. And he just made some phenomenal plays and and certainly injured guys any questions -- Stephen Bowen. Yes Davis Charley casserly congratulations on the win. Tell you do you talked about -- collapsing the pocket that you guys knock down four passes today. -- talk to me about that that you coaching point there at what point do you know how to knocked down a pass with a guy like it. Ovaries. I think uses some of them were gone the whole -- on coach -- our. Just practice every play with a quarterback who stole the ball trying to time it up and get the block we knew it was a short cornerback. He knows very talented -- tennis launch Austin toros. They were looking to get a -- cooking. Stephen Bowen thank you very much being on Redskins post in my we surely do appreciate it and we'll see next week. I think you csnwashington.com.



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