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Jim Haslett on Redskins safety concerns and staying hot



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Sun, 9 Sep 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. Well you know point in the game you know everybody's word about the secondary is. You know or see you rightly so you lose two safeties and lost another one today but. I thought those guys competed DJ. And read when he went in authority did a nice job we. The game plan was going in number one stop the run. Because you get a misnomer that they don't run the ball but they averaged 130 tiger's game -- russians' so we did a nice job stopping the run we can do better. We want to play man to man we don't play tight on the body because we don't get the quarterback. Free access to throw the ball in play zone so we simply -- -- zone all day we played. Man within the zone -- -- -- type of bodies and they -- some great plays a guy's great quarterback because you really good players and -- so. We went out there and we actually executed our game plan about -- wells. Knows me not we have some companies and we blew a coverage at the end of the game but I thought the coaches. And players and study this team but. And spent a lot of time on and didn't show with the. Coach you -- in this business five years ago. -- emotional you know keep the superdome. The result -- this -- come you didn't win movies. Well you know I got a lot of passion for the city you know is here for a long time totally -- And you know got a lot of friends here alone you know a lot of people that you know that I care about that and -- The thing it. The thing about me lesson is when hurricane hitting in her about applause and down -- you know that obviously was some negative feelings bad -- you know. It was a really sure I really wanted to come back you know and go through it again but. Obviously it was great to get a win. But more morning thing it's just the people sitting across the great people. Who's who replaces them you got. Everybody's friendly and it's so awesome place. -- It's. Time. Yeah. Well we stay in our base defense. And we were up. We actually took our seats in them cover wide we took her outside linebackers who are pretty good cover guys racquet crying and we actually. Put him on a wide eyed soul. You know you don't have to me to have the -- matches. And Jimmy graying -- mismatch Sproles gives you mismatch. You know that is Colston and every -- unbelievable speed so. The week which federal especially don't run the ball on us and we didn't we were in the wrong we're gonna stop a run and a you know we we can we did all right that we don't but thirty something we can do better couldn't tackle the better. With a double doubles number one that if we try to get some turnovers to win the game we are they gonna get yardage because there's just too explosive. And really worried about that we were about you know the run in the turnover situation. What else do -- me. Well you know we played pretty well in the four pre season games and you know I think we're pretty good up front and a you know it just was a good. Match trust is a really good for a minute got two guards in center and tackles are good players so. You know this was good -- her confidence you know and it's just great to. Played team like this early and and do it too as well we did you know hopefully we can. Traditionally it -- to the next sixteen that we won the last three openers since I've been here. You know in the and we we get we get it keep it going now we get -- you don't go rolling and we. We're 211 year forward to literally just which could take it game by game by game and and just keep trying to get better CSN Washington dot com.