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CSN Washington dot com. -- -- nationals couldn't find their bats Sunday and Edwin Jackson couldn't catch any breaks of course the righty didn't help himself out either but it was a lost on the -- that Bryce Harper in the second elect to a three run inning with the Marlins never looking back behind -- Alaska second straight complete game shutout of the -- He's good you know second time like in the last week or something we've seen -- You know -- keeps mixed her up and him keeping the ball on the middle of the plate and he -- good today I must say the exact same thing as the roster emissions and that is mixing up four pitches. Spot amount. Pitches and missed -- we have right at somebody. Throw some strikes. -- forefront of emphasis. And you know for the most first -- their own zone that lost obviously in the second one prices if it changes in those early in the game that it was a big game changer. Yeah they were even in the some most it was tough we were we were talking and conversant early in the game before that happened about you know I would have priority in the gaps because and I knew that you know. Losing me tougher and see balls on the outside in the you know just almost say -- the ball goes in the sun it's two very very helpless. Feeling Hermida started again sometimes that happens I'm gonna Saddam made plays -- -- -- -- -- -- Sometimes owner and as a starter because you just have to work around when the ball get lost in the sun room. Something that you really can't control you know so it's a tough place is one of those things you have to do it and keep it going. -- -- -- wrap up another successful 83 homestand but they will happily been the Marlins and do despite being in the basement of the NL least 23 and a half games back of the first place nationals the franchises had just one winning season series over the fish since 1998. They finished with a split in 2012. At Nationals Park Kelly Johnson Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.



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