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CSN Washington dot com. Take you -- to New Orleans and join our rob Carlin and rob Redskins got just about everything there were looking for in this one. Yet it certainly did Jenks in this game is day starter Jonathan Vilma on the field work in this crowd into a frenzy. Leading The Who dat chant from the crowd chants -- and beat the Saints. Well in the game ended the Redskins walked off the field saying greed that looking right at the media we -- team that beat them Saints. Big win -- -- Alfred Morris if in his dreams it was his good his dreams is real life debut with 96 yards and two touchdowns he said. Now this is even better than anything I dreamed about and Robert Griffin the third. Pretty good debut for him as well. Then Linehan as kind of best effort in Denton is a great job you know he's probably in my message is have become my with a W we are no he's zoned and he's a rookie. And you don't know how. This stadium was -- you know as far as the wooded and in within just -- -- -- New season opens so his lowest since then is that it's still light years of total offense you had been until the game women to. Got to -- positions that -- moving. How many -- it almost looks like you know -- every every -- refusal. Great people to do better most probably playoffs. As advertised. Some -- may throws and you know appear to you on some of its catch in the -- really steps up to -- it was awesome to watch offense and play Watson plays Wilson did. Not to be lost in the wind the Redskins defense kept the high powered Saints in check for most of the game consider this through three quarters Drew Brees had worked in. Incompletion. Incompletion. With a modest 175. Yards passing skins found ways to contain the team. At 60 winning records last season. Yeah you know aside this is the spice office is not offers that you wanna you wanna shut down and off because. Of what they do they have so many different on ways they can attack you. If the folks who don't make one dimensional. They didn't shoot the it's more competitive -- assistant former. And to go to the Dominican and its moons of mutual friend -- so. What did you expect going off dribble to complete you limit the running game got the best as you can you can win I gives us a lot of confidence because he can hold the one of the best on its not the best offense in the league. That's 15 points offensively than -- know we got a chance in some really good things a lot of points came at the very end. Com who's gonna keep the guys and not be satisfied -- just one when we get treated like that. How about this stat for the quarterback Robert Griffin the third he becomes the first rookie quarterback to lead his team to forty plus points in week one. Since 1950. Cam Newton had a better performance in week one last year put up better numbers for Robert Griffin the third. Got the W and that's really what matters for the Redskins won. Tough condition today -- Sandberg a long snapper -- broke his left arm on the blocked punt at the end of the first half the result in the -- or the Saints. And kept snapping in the second half. You think about who don't Wear and tear of an arm in the long snap as one -- on break. Glad -- -- during the week and he hopes to play next week although that would be hard pressed to she didn't do that but overall a fantastic performance today by the Redskins. Can't certainly was -- Carla covering the Redskins fourth slot from the superdome in New Orleans rob thank you very much. CSN Washington dot com.



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