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John Lannan excited to be back with the big club



  1. Stephen Strasburg0:04
  2. Syracuse0:37
  3. Washington0:00, 1:29
  4. complete game shutout0:38
  5. starting rotation1:10
  6. pitching staff1:02
Wed, 12 Sep 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. How tough is it going to be go to replace Stephen Strasburg in that rotation is there going to be added pressure just because of all the hype and drama that has come to this in for him. And there's not any added pressure on me from the stress is an unbelievable. I think this year and you know -- came back from his injury. So this is in the end they're shots or anybody so you know it's its side just enough talent to get manager of in the you know. It's it's testing for show -- -- town near the right -- -- of everything but it was back. Your last two starts in Syracuse to complete game shutout sweating you don't in the meantime -- sure. My third Kolb opens. You know just trying to. Worked out and just stand her team. As a guy was starting so that's all I could have done is just kind of wait in the wings and we can call. You obviously get your first start against the Mets. As part of the best rotation in baseball I guess. Give some perspective on how far this this team this pitching staff has -- the scenes come such a long way you know sitting in the the bench and watching these guys go out there and especially starting rotation it's just amazing and it. I mean. It's I mean. I got beat up by five. I'm removal pitchers so you know in distant the way these guys for the game it's the energy change the buzz around the series changed in. This is a good thing -- part of CSN Washington dot com.

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