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Skins Social: Will Garcon play Sunday versus Rams?



CSN Washington dot com. Everybody this is skins social where we take questions from you the fans and rich. Big game by RG three and not one question about Robert Griffin the third let's start things off with at work updates he wants now holly is Pierre Garcon. Pierre Garcon has an injury to his foot it's it's kind of vague. Sounds like it's a Mike Shanahan the other -- describe it is like turf -- only two more on the top of -- put. Kind of an aggravating timing type of injury this is Wednesday he did not practice today. You know I just just speaking just my speculation we're not at all be surprised to see him. Not planned Sunday that we've got tomorrow's practice Friday's backs to go so we'll see that he's his status is very much up in the air for Sunday. We got kind of an interesting Twitter handle here at Johnnie Walker wide one I didn't home how is -- Kim's playing since his injury any setbacks there. No setbacks he's still he's still learning he still trying to get into the flow of things she's not. He's not being the dominant force that I think a lot of us thought he could be win when we look at him in training camp last year. I think I suspect as the year goes on. He'll start to make more more plays. And you know start sector grew more marvel right now he's still he's still kind of feeling his way. Now we got something from our Rob Brown three he said is this secondary getting enough love it seems like all the praise is going to RG -- so technically -- there was a little bit of a question. About. This -- QB premier QB. I. Yeah the secondary played pretty well obviously anytime you hold Drew Brees under under 50% passing. Do you -- you've done a pretty good job. You know there were some some good out -- to Jon -- interception kind of sealed the game up for the second time the only time the Saints have the ball was really with a chance to to tie the game he got an interception on the first play return down three. He played well DeAngelo Hall got sacked which is you know which is getting pressure I think. Really a lot of credit does go to the front four. You know it's it was -- it was pretty much the whole defense of team that you know certainly is secondary at work there were question mark coming in. I don't know the answer a lot of those questions going -- But we'll see we'll see from week two weeks yeah they do against Sam Bradford this week. And the final question is for me you know we saw a lot of solid performances from Garcon Maurice and of course RG three but -- there -- few guys. So we're kinda quiet who needs to step up. Pat Leonard Packers and was pretty much invisible on. He played ten snaps did not have a ball targeted to -- I think he's the kind of player though. That he'll have a big game and that game like he had Miami last year so -- success and it catches hundred plus yards touchdown in -- Then he might disappear for we could do you still kind of learning yet consistency still final kind of learning the pro game. You know Fred Davis -- that one throw back from -- come -- and Zito has yet been franchised players out of my allotment from. At throwback from RG three is. And you know I I think again you have games where he's has a big role in the offense as well. CSN Washington dot com.



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