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Redskins trying to stay grounded after big win



CSN Washington dot com. His touchdown -- is now known as Griffin. Who thought didn't knock on anybody don't tell us now with -- -- -- -- that he's the NFC offensive player of the week in and SI cover boy. Robert Griffin the third is the talk of the league so with the Redskins after shocking win to New Orleans. So how did they turn the page now focus on the land some big. 314. To six and two we understand this. Couldn't get the sixteen weeks ultimately you wont wanna be as one of sixteen games and right now we're wanna know him the only when one's a pretty poor season -- -- -- -- we started out three you know. And look at a season ended up so is not how you start it's how you finish so we got to continue to do his week in and week out we -- -- -- years ago we were the Giants last year -- -- -- this year so we're capable of beating anybody it's just a matter of being consistent with that. Skins can stay grounded. By focusing on the Rams ground game. Stephen Jackson has had seven straight thousand yard seasons so they know it up the buckle your chin straps for battle -- big back on runs hard. I'm just trying to get to maintain. Your gap responsibility and if Enron and not just give me gas in the tour for bunkers. As possible. He's gonna bring and the guy runs hard he's big he's physical us on every -- for three years that's what he did. She's got to be ready as we -- to bring your big boy -- to the game because he's gonna bring his bats. Jackson didn't put up his normal big boys stats in week one just 53 yards rushing and a loss to the Lions. And now the Rams will be without their starting center Scott Wells a Pro Bowl last year at the Packers. He broke his foot he's out six to eight weeks. At Redskins park rob Garland Comcast sports sent. CSN Washington dot com.



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  5. Robert Griffin0:16
  6. the Packers1:33
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  8. Garland1:37
  9. chin straps1:00
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