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Alfred Morris goes 1-on-1 with Chick Hernandez



CSN Washington dot com. You played a lot of football and be real sure on president. Did was there a moment. We have draft day you have first time leading the coaches that was their moment they aha moment we went people. And I felt. If I would -- -- of the first trees in the game and you know the long process he -- his form but -- -- down the feelings when that goes on right. I'm an NFL than just those -- not fans did they were the same way they steal. Rather than them -- of around the idea that they have a son in the NFL and Allan as is as a blessing in -- thankful enough I'm I'm definitely the most of his opportunities. When you first got drafted and the Washington Redskins also means Mike Shanahan and what that. Mean to you knowing the history hasn't cornerbacks. -- It was surreal you know for him you know I've been compared. Think when they -- me kind of bring that TD was also late rounds they've who cushion and picked up in the says he had on this level. Has given -- in the hole and it's part of that is on the first of all. On to be mission in the same thing is wood isn't out to be in. I thought of when he gets into a Davis you know so I'll put this on this call yourself something you that you found thanks. We have played well. No look over me and I'm. If we found myself in the best situation not him being known Vince Carter now ties is an access to all the hard work -- in. You know as -- -- you know. In college is going back the team we. Got to play with some great great talents and they've been on him but I am not looking that. Against them just goes to show that it takes more than talent to get to this level and I'm just glad how they would -- produce in the name of the state waited in. A little twist of all Phil Mickelson analyze him and coach Bob Monty and an order from the draft and. Now this may be just a coincidence and Morse has only played one game. But did you know that they're only three rookies at NFL history were drafted in the sixth round out of rush for a thousand yards two of those three actually played. For you guessed it Mike Shanahan Mike Anderson and T aforementioned TV. CSN Washington dot com.



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