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Shanahan talks about season-ending injuries to Carriker, Orakpo



  1. Kedric Golston0:41
  2. Chris Baker0:42
  3. Chris Wilson1:02
  4. Doug Worthington0:45
  5. Washington0:00, 1:16
  6. Iraq1:08
Mon, 17 Sep 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Animal. Will be gone for the season in the quad tendon care right at the base of the -- And only about five month recovery time. Rank and tore his -- in -- different spot on the right side. To me about 04 month recovery time. Its totally gone for the season as well. Yeah oh yeah I'm getting guys like Jarvis Jenkins that delegates is up to his start in a year ago. -- Jarvis and Neal -- took over and they're great job last year played a very high level. When Jarvis and get his opportunity 'cause like Kedric Golston Chris Baker. We got a guy like Doug Worthington Worthington has been on the practice squad. Well obviously. He gets activated at least -- direction we're thinking about going right now. And then the outside linebacker you -- guys like. Jackson. Chris Wilson. They both have to step up and played a very high level could mean -- goal in Iraq has no other defense in -- -- he's played so. We'll get a chance for both those guys have played that position hopefully play well. CSN Washington dot com.

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