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CSN Washington dot com. By coach one of the bad parts of your business is having it. To realize that you've lost guys for. The season at a Adam Carriker looked bad from the get go wouldn't know about Iraq don't know if found out that -- -- out as well you have to have that conversation with those guys what is that like. Punched -- you know their work and throughout the offseason -- this summer camps almost let things get ready for the season. Also on some like this happen surely you know it was tough conversation hopeful. And the challenge now for you guys obviously is that its -- -- fill that -- to -- rob Jackson Chris Wilson the onus is on them out to step up and play the position. -- guys have to step up listening to this game they got to fill some big shoes you know both with and then -- the refereeing yesterday and our coaches can't. Comment on how -- a job or how about a job they did but it and in and watching that game control was lost early on -- changes. The waiting game is played from your players for the coaches you have no idea what you're gonna get for these guys. Well you know -- hoops and you know obviously it was a it was a tough day for the he got it it was a fish gotta take control of the game you're exactly right -- went there and when they don't you could see when the after effects you know throughout the game. Do you fear. For player safety. When you got guys like Fred Davis taking a head shot. London Fletcher on the ground coach and a guy jumps on top him off play. Do you fear for players think it's when's it gonna take. A player being hurt in order for the league to say -- you know come on here we went to rethink this. -- what I can talk about is you know individual that you know and really display with thread is you know that's a classic helmet to helmet and Allen. Fred was lucky that that you recovered from that one. And -- I was just I mean not right for London I was right excellent when that occurred has talked in the official and of course he's looking at different right turn and actually itself. Those things do happen but you know you write to your open that they do take control of the game and safety is concerned. CSN Washington dot com.



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