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CSN Washington dot com. Geico sports net central update. Everybody Julie Donaldson for CSN Washington dot com. The loss of Redskins Adam Carriker Brian Orakpo for the season is not good news for defense that is not exactly gotten off to a good start to the first two weeks. Rob Jackson Chris Wilson who was out of football last year about a four Iraq post spot. Well Jarvis Jenkins will be put right into the mix after missing all of last season with an injury himself. But it doesn't matter this time to step up pitcher and have access. Kind of -- Rami and Chris were going to be that outside linebacker position to see who. Fares the best they both have a lot of ability. And they both have met national natural pass rush ability. I think the most -- -- -- filming interest in this CEO. Who warns that job. There's never -- time and wanted to make. Your -- have thrown it. Easier if you just -- I got to play and our running out. Ovals definitely you know look at him and I'm going to do much because of -- -- and -- for a reason. Coming into my equation can be disruptive and that's what I gotta be you know right notables the only rumors that a root themselves. That's been diplomatic Comcast sports net studios until -- Donaldson for CSN Washington. -- -- CSN Washington dot com.



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