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Chick Hernandez goes 1-1 with Jack Nicklaus



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  2. Jim Furyk3:51
  3. PGA tour3:06
  4. Ryder Cup3:03, 4:16
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Tue, 18 Sep 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Greg offered. A better father. Grandfather. But when I imagine that the actions were all confident and -- My household my kids and then Marv and I when we first. Got married this and that can win that comes Children's Hospital saved her daughter's life since she's listening ear holed. And researchers in the -- for kids as we want him soon Honda tournament had the opportunity to move to the Palm Beach area. He came to us this is what charities wants to him more rest -- come forward and it's what you want to do so we sort of health Care Foundation and we've been taking care of kids me and saving kids who haven't been in Miami or Orlando. And receiving kids and parents -- -- couple three days a week of traveling that's usually that's usually must travel the second. Yeah it's hard not to talk golf with you and we get to one guy who's getting up there and tiger. And another guy who's coming and that's an and that's Rory tiger what's impressed you but as I guess part two -- them. Well definitely job. I think he's he's. Have pretty good year this year not in the majors. He was he was good and all the majors except the contention. And I don't know -- us. I don't know what it is and -- He can't he just -- himself and people provisions -- -- -- are on vacation so so we did. And you know what that's he's in he's he's. He won the memorial turn remarks from long term. Night playing very well and there's tournaments and he. He did the things we need to do -- like the old tiger and he was I was very impressed with I was kind of. You know. Couldn't understand what happened in the majors. You know I listen to your speech here introduction to Arnold of the day the congressional gold medal. You can it's -- what you guys have a a a relationship born out of competition. This day and age tiger and Rory that got coaches they've got psychologist. Do you ever think we'll see. The kind of relationship that you and Arnie had with with today's athlete. I don't know I -- you recognize him today he's very very observant and they all have a lot of help. Think health Cruz just like coaches and nutritionists strength coach in the Middle East can things going on -- -- that perfectly and went in here. And yeah I don't know that made us better golfers not this'll this'll make them better and really know the answer to that moment to. It was our lines were less complicated. When I went someplace my wife went with me. In Harlem his wife from within we go to we travel together a lot between bridge and -- -- flights together and an arm Virginia earlier where everyone playing and. And you know we had a lot of fun. Today I don't -- travel with ten of the people. I mean I'm sure I did and so -- -- that's what. That is what life is today for. With a makes me less golfer not going into remission you're better off of it and that's a lot of pretty good ones out there. And their growth can be involved in Ryder Cup play in what is the difference between playing on a PGA tour. And get togethers part of a team. Well you know the teams are really. Become a neat thing. -- for the guys playing against each other 51 weeks a year when we hear that Clinton team. And he you bond together guys who who who because we were talking about him you tend to Enron to run it. They also they don't need to turn out front hazard when he enters partners and I think that brings together and I had not been fortunate captain couple Ryder -- -- -- presence captains. And these guys. I get I'll just couldn't play. And I asked tiger's New York which -- here and there were playing with Charles -- and put -- in Africa. He's on one play of Steve Stricker who won't play with mr. Jim Furyk. And I'll let the guys play whoever we want to play with him and -- -- -- -- -- if you felt like he did not want want to have anybody. -- -- some guys released spirit security and ask for somebody other guys so they don't care of the guys might quietly telling -- not remotely like. It's okay you know but but during a retail -- they'll become friends has experience for a lifetime. And so Ryder Cup which is coming up via a neat experience for these guys be -- new experience for the Europeans in particular in an insulin to play -- -- and and. That's whistle then it's not just an international goodwill. Yes yes someone is gonna have bragging rights nets or the cylinder nation grueling has monument. Finally what do you want. Don't I don't know you as the golfer. In the great golfer or anyone know you as the humanitarian. We don't you know first of all I was -- father grandfather. And you know. -- -- -- Fortunate to be. At it but -- The important thing these. Twenty degrees. And this is horrid going. During every soccer game. Lacrosse game game football game basketball baseball whatever they and -- it. CSN Washington dot com.

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