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Billie Jean King on the Kastles and Bobby Reynolds



CSN Washington dot com. And that's why -- -- to you. Liked what I saw a lot of that mark put together. I thought possibly because he's our best -- -- bars them. You know spending the most doing a great job with his debut in Washington they sell out every night they have a marquee neighbor doesn't matter people in to see their for the team. And that's what we Lawton were a team that's. So you understand he loves team. He loves the sense of equality that we have about new on the team we and the best players in the world and now I think he really thinks it through he gets on the players like Bobby Reynolds is very famous now in DC. All the kids in DC about appearances this is what we want for the sport because there's so many great players that aren't appreciated. And I love it an injury got Venus she's a franchise player Leander is franchise -- it. Bobby Reynolds also in DC. Is a franchise player. You surprised at the amount of capitals fans in the stands tonight. Well I didn't market bringing Manny yeah I think I didn't you know I didn't back down that slide down or whatever and I knew that now. You have you know 15200 people and. It up each team could start doing that it would make a big difference in the audience that. -- I -- I knew mark would have those people come and knocked it out in the -- -- matches all the politicians come all that. Football players basketball players friends you know all the guys that play either. Michelle Obama brings the girls. She's come back you know last two years now. -- it's wonderful I'm on the president's council to for for fitness sports and nutrition. So it's great it's an end Michelle so big I'm -- need to do with the let's move campaign. About tennis is her favorite sport. And she plays a lot and a. Yeah basket for a healthy and so we get kids and the sport maybe get to be able to come back to the sport. The start playing it's it's a great sport it really isn't part of a lifetime. CSN Washington dot com.



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