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CSN Washington dot com. A guy -- sports net central club today. The level -- Michael Jenkins if you're Geico sports that central update well. But it just is coming Alexander Ovechkin signed with the mosque downs and -- all of the cage shall he even told three newspapers that the NHL cut salaries. He may not even returner now there are ramifications of things get to that point we are still a long way from that. -- was actually on the ice. This new team on Wednesday but it's familiar territory for -- It's the same team for which she played before beginning his career in the NHL. Should the lockout continue Ovechkin is phenomenal play Ilya Kovalchuk and SKA Saint Petersburg in Brooklyn. Game. Well that's say on Wednesday as to the future it -- depend on what kind of conditions there will be in the NHL with the new season yet. If our contracts get slashed. I would have to think whether to return in the air or not I won't rule out staying in the HL even passes -- And check out this photo courtesy of -- a license cop. -- hockey writer for Soviets in sports. Shows we'll be outside the -- right Mike Tyson Gay sheriff Mike Tyson haircut you know missing his face tattooed a Redskins scheduled played an almost game. That'll do it really Comcast sports net studios I'm Michael CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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