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RG3 reacts to the Rams play against him



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Wed, 19 Sep 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. As they are ready for the Bengals the big question on offense. It's how tough the -- Robert Griffin the third if teams continue to do what the Rams did we knew they'd throw the kitchen sink but they threw the washer dryer. And the laundry was dirty. It was clear the ram -- going after the rookie quarterback but late hits and when they did make contact there was usually something a little extra to go along with -- after coming in Italy with a lot of hype and some early success coupled with less than stellar refereeing. Ram tough meant something different to the. Quarterback and talking a -- for the -- Six. There are some Mexicans just curricular stuff gone after the play zone they're doing a lot of dirty things -- You know I think I still think that extremely good team that doesn't take anything away from them fumbled the game wasn't professional some of the shots were cheap and of that nature of -- That's not -- not control what I said teams are gonna try to do it because I don't think I can take it. They don't prove that'll in my career that I can so it's it's football. With the bagels enough evidence out there and the play differently. Not DT now. It's something you can respond to but you don't go into games in well enough they're gonna -- ago we got to be the first ones do it for you know you don't do with that always is something you can respond to and hopefully. Bomb you know going assuming most of the of the -- oppression. Defensively they've got some holes to fill Adam Carriker was very good against the run last year is lost for the season as is outside linebacker Brian Orakpo. -- problematic but -- Mosul gave way again. You know -- stick. Did it never been right you know ever since you ever since I have been lesser so. You know I've been -- you just -- a -- -- you know Sunday when you win now and not just those innings and played most of the game. -- sent him preaches that talks about having depth and always be ready to play and you know we've been by me and them just got to go out there prepared and that good things that. Make this team again. Injuries have a National Football League -- -- wise also -- for us who still be football played on Sunday can't make any excuses up. You know those guys to study Stefan. Plated who's not try to be anybody else and just gone -- due to -- actually do. And of course one in clutch you'll quarterback those young guys on defense. Injury updates -- out here are soft and safety Brandon Meriweather both limited in practice on Wednesday and quarterback Josh Wilson cleared to play after every concussion. This past Sunday. With the Redskins chick Hernandez. Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.