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  2. Bowling Green1:29, 1:31
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  4. David Wilson0:28
  5. Old Dominion2:07
  6. new Hampshire2:06
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  8. Delaware2:13
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Thu, 20 Sep 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Then -- was rough week for all of our ACC teams last week in Virginia Tech they also dropped the ball against Pittsburgh in. In a game Logan -- completed just fourteen of 31 passes for one touchdown and three interceptions so why has he struggled so much this season. I think he really this is Danny coale and your weekend. These guys I mean the receivers that he had last year not to mention David Wilson at tailback. We're just phenomenal I mean they were seniors they officer for dated he was junior but they had the experience. And and so they hurt they were luxury now he's got a freshman at running back he's got a lot of youth at wide receiver. And it's is he struggling with it. But you know I think he still we talked to coach beamer at this afternoon about it he said. You know that Logan obviously which is you know there are some plays that that Logan wishes he had made you know that he could take back but. But yeah I mean I I just think that's what it comes down to is the use the experience but. You know I know Logan Thomas and nobody's working harder than that kid so he's gonna keep working with those receivers with the running backs. You know with a freshman and everything and I think -- turning around I mean this team is really good about. They always have that one loss every year it seems like that you know game that they shouldn't lose. So but they always bounce back in and finish out the season really well. And I think that'll happen this weekend and against Bowling Green they're gonna have you know Bowling Green played Florida tough earlier this season so. It's not going to be a walk. Walk -- part exactly I mean -- but I think they learned that last year I mean last week excuse me. When they played Pittsburgh they came in they underestimated the Panthers and look what happened self. I think the Hokies will be OK I think they've learned their lesson for this season he just have to wonder. At what point. I'd do they not have to learn their lesson every year you know what play can they just keep winning so. -- -- And we're gonna have a full slate of college football games this weekend for you starting at 12 o'clock here once Comcast sports net. It will be new Hampshire at Old Dominion and at 3 PM it'll be Miami did Georgia's second rule for this day game at 7 PM -- Delaware. Visiting William and Mary and now once again this has been here CSN Washington calls while preview with Brian Jackson and so -- Thanks so much to keep up. CSN Washington dot com.

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