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CSN Washington dot com. -- into your CSN Washington to studios I'm Brian Jackson. Joined by I'm so Gordon are fabulous ACC because the ball producer and will give way into things for. Week four college football preview we'll start with Maryland now freshman quarterback -- hills has hit a lot more success since they simplified offense for him. But this week he has into raucous crowd in Morgantown so what can we expect that him. Maybe nerves possibly if I mean Morgantown is unlike any other place to play. I've personally never been there I've had I've heard stories so I actually don't really care to go there but at the end. You know I talked to coach Randy Randy Edsel a couple of days ago and asked him about it and he. Kind of went back to his playing days when he played at Syracuse and went to. West Virginia and also coaching at Connecticut and playing at West Virginia. And I you know he described their kids as passionate to say the least but you know he told stories about them throwing oranges at the players. They had a dog and then on the sidelines playing frisbee you're catching a frisbee was all kinds of chaos but. I think scary as calm and cool as he seems to be. I think he's -- and I mean it's settling in India it eye opening experience for him in Morgantown. And this team I mean this West Virginia team. They're top ten team silicon India a tough task in unfortunately I think -- mountaineers are gonna get the best for the Turks but. If nothing else it's a learning experience for these young guys to go into that environment and see what it's like csnwashington.com.



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