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Edsall respects WVU's rowdy fans



She -- in Washington dot com. I can remember going there and you know coming out with the quarterback squirrelly and you know Tom Coughlin was our coach and -- -- out there were stretch and here comes the oranges you know. And you know I got a dog on the field catch and a frisbee and you know tobacco spitting contest -- you know but then again I remember we went down there and they had major Harris -- coach and you know what Syracuse and you know they they it was a night game and just didn't allow all of crazy and everything else and you know they beat us but. I've always had a lot of respect for -- to the West Virginia fans csnwashington.com.



  1. Tom Coughlin0:08
  2. frisbee0:17
  3. Syracuse0:25
  4. Virginia0:38
  5. Washington0:00
Thu, 20 Sep 2012|

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