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CSN Washington dot com. Now let's start with those always Adam Jones gets a dog and you know I just kind of defied the -- -- crowd who got to get annoying to me anyway. People have not been -- to figure out how that team is doing it what's your explanation well. Well -- goes for me straight to the manager Buck Showalter is an unbelievable job. Of convincing these guys that they can win games and also. When you look at when in fifteen games in a row now in extra innings that falls on the manager. And he's doing things the unconventional -- against it to six and everything else -- -- with his gut and I'll go back to began in Seattle the other night. When he has a hard to drop a bunt. That tied to put in a position to tie the game on the road and conventional wisdom says you play to win on the road time home. He sets up -- -- because he knows what bullpen he's got and Felix Hernandez's throwing the next day so. He thinks another level a step ahead of everybody else coaches -- to their bullpen to pitch here they have is they're stripped of that thing. No doubt about it I'm -- it especially now that they've got. Know Randy Wolf and picked him up and in the then you look at what Mattis has been able to do. All the starters that kind of throwing out their bullpen and they got four guys that start -- -- starters that are now in the bullpen and then you get to Johnson at the end. That's closed -- this club. And back Adam Jones he's been so clutch in a normal here. He might have a chance to win the MVP of course Cabrera is doing what he's doing what are your thoughts on the MVP race. What you gotta look at Mike Trout and obviously Cabrera they've been crazy out there but you're you're right I mean Adam Jones haven't had the season. There are jitters have another 200 -- season for the Yankees but these guys are gonna get mentioned when it comes down -- -- -- -- -- the -- in the year but. Since we are talking those. Adam Jones you gotta have that franchise player is signed the big contract and men down the stretch here he's really set up on my back both those go home and and guys who are playing great baseball. Embarrassment to the Mets the Mets shut down Stevens -- delegates should take. What you thought about that and also do they have enough in their pitching and their bullpen to go on to win a championship. What they've got enough it's gonna have to fall right Strasburg to me it was the other guys just took -- Over the top with his ability to match up with anybody and win that game and you need to have them in the post season I've said on record and I'll say it to you right now. Well in this -- Strasburg down for me they said down a chance to win a World Series as those in happening. I understand from the medical standpoint but as a baseball player. I don't get it because you play to get to the playoffs and not guaranteed tomorrow. And I'd love to see him pitching but that's a decision they made I don't have to agree with that and is anybody else but I just didn't like it. And I guess you look at the big picture of that franchise. I I called for ninety wins but I gotta admit I was a little surprised it happened I thought the Phillies. Would still be better than they were thought maybe the Mets have put up a bigger fight did know the Marlins took a nosedive they did. As -- -- is looking at this market. And look at it but that's as a whole did you -- -- a little ahead of schedule that maybe they thought they would be and that's why they didn't manages innings more. You'd you'd -- that for me that's well look at I think you look at Bryce Harper was in the minor leagues they want expectant. Come to really make the big club till maybe June. -- and kills plans senator Jayson Werth goes down with an injury and beginning of the year. I don't think they're really said hey this is a championship club will be there. Not Davey Johnson put his neck on the chopping block him by disagree evolve with the say hey I said in spring training we don't get to the playoffs let me go. But I still think as an organization. They showed up a little bit ahead of time and I still think they've got a lot of good years ahead of. You salsa music of strange things happen you got the nets playing great you got the Orioles playing great is there any possibility of -- best Orioles World Series. Well would that be some I I would love to this series melt away. All that'd be crazy because that that is a great. Sports territory of the country by the way out there everything going on. The Ravens a plan -- Redskins are planned well. And then you get those in the nets have been critical at that time in October I'd love to see it I just that I just think both clubs so long way to go before they get there. And of course MLB network has a couple games of the division series role reported that the football does because the walk on we have no idea -- match -- we're gonna see. For baseball that's such a good thing because in the past something's worst kind of predictable. It's interesting this -- would no salary cap. Has labor peace and as wide open would change all kinds of markets you don't have you have no -- really get those games that MLB network. It is no we don't you know October 7 and October 10 two games on the network were very excited about first time in the history of MLB network. That will have a we have Madagascar's and Bob. Kostis Jim cot with going all the big boys on those games up so it's gonna be covered. But now we're looking forward to it here but again that the excitement. Is not knowing who's gonna be an even with the new format now with the second wild card you can have a great club get knocked out on the first day so. It's going to be fun. Baseball's long right now and and it's going to be a good time. We'll tell you what -- will be checking you out a lot and I know the fans in this very hope. It's a long playoff -- of those and that's thanks for join us we'll talk to get -- I guess things have they appreciate it -- Graham thanks. CSN Washington dot com.



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