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Point Counterpoint: All eyes on Redskins D and not RGIII?



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Fri, 21 Sep 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. For all eyes -- on RG three now it's all about the this is point counterpoint alongside our Redskins blogger -- stand there and our Redskins insider -- Alba is here. Preakness start with you last year remember when I got injured the Panthers game. And we were talking about what are the Redskins team doing you know that was in October we are now in September. Going into the third game in Everett and they're going to be without we'll Carriker in Iraq now out for the season. How concerned are you about -- currently. Well yeah. Obviously you don't want it basically start eating in your debt so quickly and I mean there's fourteen more games ago. The odds are there more injuries out there most NFL team can survive. You know an injury at a position. When you have multiple injuries in the same position at the same here same unit. Long you know on the team I think that's when you get into it as we turned it right. Yeah I I would say it they probably are filled their quota for -- injuries to defensive starters and you -- he count. You know the status of but -- the one thing that concerns me most. About the injury to Brian Orakpo is maybe Dick Trickle down effect it might have. On the rest of the front seven because you know with Iraq -- in the lineup you're so many teams have to scheme for him. So many teams on pay a lot of attention to him you've you often see him double teamed. And that frees up other guys do it to maybe have a little more space to operate you wonder if having Iraq pull out is now good note put a little more. Restriction on a guy like Kerrigan who might now start seeing those double teams and just how that's gonna trickle down throughout the lineup. Very good point and what's interesting -- -- last year rich we're talking about and you say you know again don't worry at this point other teams are being got as well self. -- you know I guess we're gonna have to see how that plays out so who steps up. You mentioned -- again now is gonna be in a role where he's under a finer might just go to hoot who steps up. We -- this -- Kerrigan told me yesterday that he feels he didn't play up to his own standards in the first two games he's -- he's gonna put additional pressure on himself. To get back to playing the way he did last season he knows he's gonna have a lot more responsibilities on the shoulders. Aren't going to be looking to see how exactly they're gonna fill. Iraq post spot you know we talked to Jim has a little while ago he said it's going to be basically their -- three backups try to equal 12 time pro bowler. IAE you know I I'm not sure how it's gonna play but we're gonna find out Sunday. Don't care resistant Jarvis Jenkins -- -- is yeah this is his moment attractive second round trying to go. That at some point taking -- other players but yet you guys. Well you know it rookie -- -- Internet he's he's not a rookie anymore right -- -- -- down right so he's got to get in there he's got to step up yet exactly. He's got to step up and he's got it he's got to get it done. I guess it he's replaced -- at one point or another now's the time. -- you know the thing I'll be looking forward Jenkins is you know. Being in shape is one thing being in football shape is another he's gonna see a dramatic spike in the number of plays he's playing. You know every game and I wanna see. How let it just appear he's gonna be is he gonna look a little tired this little ragged at the end of the third quarter Sunday I mean. Basically he doesn't have a time to get speed but. You know the Redskins are looking -- to be able to play a full four quarters the same tempo and tell you another area. Special teams Johnson excuse via Jackson Wilson. Just keep parts of -- -- -- here Riley as a starting inside linebacker play every offensive snap because that leads him to assume every defensive -- 73 he played twenty snaps -- spit -- a lot so it's a -- -- -- football player yeah. He -- the guy who missed the block on and on them on the that your second hand so you wonder TT and yeah yeah. So that will that standout other's specialties Reyes that's it definitely there and -- One I know Jarvis -- going back to -- I know he said he was mentally ready at the beginning once for any training camp was over your right -- kind situation. Intensity is totally different kids -- it definitely need to be in the pulled out all day like -- Monday. Let him loosening a bit muscles but a lot of people are curious about how Jenkins can step up. Let's talk about someone you see the kind of fly under the microscope this week. How -- even come even able to save that. RG three not what's his teammates but yeah most of -- the last time it ever happens again first and last. It's a lot about. Expectations. Do you think that it and hit it within this -- in the twilight rate RG three we don't have to worry about him anymore it's gonna perform every. The guy you know this funny retire actually realize that we're looking at transceiver like. There was not one question about Robert Griffin the third. I think it just speaks to how quickly he's adapted to the NFL game. I mean they were so many other issues going on with the Redskins loss of the Ramsay and he just wasn't one of you know he was healthy he played well once again. You know sure he could -- thrown for a few more yards but I mean he was missing Pierre dark zone. Com or not he ran a lot of matches the FBI you're right Boller did it three probably the sooners -- right. -- 300 yes that's right. But you know yeah I mean -- that that's that's that's right he you know it was another. You know how many redskins' quarterbacks have rushed for 200. -- yeah so you know as a first time that's ever happened so. You know I yeah I think it's just you know week to week it's going to be you know kind of -- -- -- -- you know what can he can beat any -- this right I guess that down. You know I think he'll be certainly continue to be focused but yet that was -- you know he got he definitely got back down headlines by the injuries but I. The Josh Morgan right penalty at the end line wiry kicking a sixty yard field goal right now I suppose that area and again that. I don't know I'm sure this week is happy for that yet. Yes really care about I actually teams went. Well I think he got some real experience it was it should be team. He and what you know highlights I think people are backing off him a little bit because of leadership that he shows in the confidence. And I like the fact that he came out and say hey -- the whole Josh Morgan penalty he -- Ryder die with him -- -- I was strong and then he said but. It's not gonna happening right and I think that someone who's you know hang on a -- I'm putting my foot down got to learn from this and move forward and I think you know you can't really think. Leaders and -- made they're born I mean this kid was certainly -- now where I'm at me with that leadership. -- you know it's there down. -- thank you so much and think you are CSN Washington dot com.

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