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Frank Beamer scouts Bowling Green ahead of Saturday's matchup



  1. David Wilson0:16
  2. Bowling Green0:24
  3. Virginia Tech0:08
  4. Comcast0:02
  5. Pittsburgh0:18
  6. Washington0:00, 1:02
  7. receiving corps0:48
Fri, 21 Sep 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Comcast business it sports at this speed a business. As I was saying down a level of Virginia Tech offense has not been very responsive so far this season. Gone are veteran wideout Danny coale and Jarrett Boykin as well as running back David Wilson. The Hokies were stunned by Pittsburgh last week and dropped out of top 25. Now they must regroup for their match up against Bowling Green tomorrow and the offense needs to find that chemistry. Fast. Got some young guys in there and some guys that haven't started many games enough. We just got to put it only goes to court and Harden and knew him and you know I think we got some talent got us we just got to put it together. You're talking about the you thought there is it just youth being served right now with Logan struggles just trying to get some kind of chemistry with the running backs in receiving corps. Couples or is it like to have back but does. You know we got to be right around and we got to run right round and we got to protect -- and get things done right around them and nothing will be okay. CSN Washington dot com.

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