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RG3 out to prove Redskins have great offense


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Mon, 24 Sep 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. Not making those little players everybody's got to step up and and you know on their part of the offense and and the guys did that we responded. You know we had a great. Talking here about just going out and Sean that we are great offense. Com you know we did lead -- the league in scoring so we have to not score points we did that second half suppose we'll probably go --

Never got into rhythm offensively in the first shift and nothing seemed to get. It seemed to work when you put -- Bankston started using him and that that series of.

Always yeah you know you know something's more than you continue to go with -- a good job. And given us a spark. So everybody was on -- and it doesn't matter what plays are called. And so until the deflated him a little we called it's gonna work because we're the ones running it and we gotta have that mindset that belief system and we did. He doesn't do an extra overdo on the road next week conversely does need to get back in the win column what are your thoughts after this tough loss please don't let you know one loss leading the -- to lead the series so I'm gonna come back out. I get back re dedicated and practice and not that we weren't dedicated young you know it's hard when you feel like you're working hard and you still come up what the hell. Com you know the biggest thing is you gotta stay hatton and continue to believe and have trust that what you're doing is the right thing. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. All about the show Larry Michael with Jennifer Williams just we know who she is she is with CSN Washington dot com there. Weekly look albeit a day early is with Thursday's here today and before we get to your report. I saw you that the event. A downtown the code giveaways and you were touched by that. Weren't you break it while I know who had Marc fein and the Redskins players or they kids I kind of think it was a players on Josh Morgan was there. Fred Davis Alfred Morris and you know. Josh Morgan great story they he notched his first TD for the Burgundy and gold against the Giants so back to back TDs counting the one vs everyday and and he's from the area and he's almost that every charity event he goes to every single one and when you think about how busy these guys are that one day a week. He wants to use it giving back to the community. That one point eight it's that things that you. That you do that. It went wild no one else is watching that makes you you know says a lot about who you are and he was taking college seniors and here is after given the coast to the children. Back to that on the clerks at least he is and I just have to do that it just shows you what what kind of got he has spirit guide to see the balloons sort Yes that was after I got was hailed as well. Think nobody got are all make up with good for you what's on your agenda quickly I'll wait there's a guy you work with young ladies and same day yet but how aren't I talk to him about became a Sunday and although the Redskins are writing that's fantastic streak of four wins three in the division. They don't wanna going to Cleveland under under estimating the Browns another five Andy that they're you know any it's any given Sunday and he goes I don't care if they have zero wins were gonna go in there and we're gonna go in their heart. And then I also have an interesting social media stat for you. Sell out you guys stay at this battle of the belly at social media as the Redskins went by the hash tags HT TER and I felt so the Redskins. And Ravens went at Ravens nation. You guys crushed them in this contest are you guys want 73%. Of the votes. To the Ravens 27 pretty amazing you know over it's time when that you guys crushed them off the. Redskins unbeaten in that does social media twelfth man more newly. Cleveland and we appreciate you stopping by today and we'll see next thank you for CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. This is a guy sports net central update. Are invited here for CSN Washington dot com RG three has come a long way from that bone crushing hit. He took from not a last Sunday. And he is close to possibly returning for the game against the Browns after participating in practice for the first time since they hit. Here announces update. Not a good thing you know. So really blessed to Sonoma sustained. The grid of a manager that I did the grade one else spring so. You know after watching the hit get to watch the replay it's a last I had MRI so I think that was a good idea as well. And you know like a solar Royals have is Carmen were on Monday and com blessed throughout the engine that I did have have to look at that at some of the times. And we hope he's all right and get ready for Sunday's game in Cleveland for and Comcast forces studios on Chris Miller for CSN Washington. Dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. When we're kind of question I how much able to do looked it value is limited that I was impressed with the how we worked and when he did. Mike Helton Sunday. Competitive level good ones they were you going to. Well you never know you know on its way to go day by day and you'll see in the end of the week if supposed to be ready to go. And he has to play. Well you get a chance to watch him every day in practice getting cricket field player. You watch him every day continuing to us in on the practice field. Don't care if he can do it on the practice field chances are so. Well by doing that through the week can make that decision to us were. Him and for. That you take all of that into consideration and make decisions. You look at them every practicing and personally before he was completely healthy. It kind of anyway you know being on the field when he's telling you actively choose. And then you make decision. of this entry and CSN Washington dot com.